Leave Your Flight Glowing with These Travel Tips

1. Feb 2024


Skincare Routine when flying NAYA

Many of you may already know from personal experience that travel can leave skin looking a little worse for wear.

This can be frustrating, and often require some hard work upon your return to restore your skin to its previous healthy state. There are several reasons for this, which we'll uncover so that you can maintain glowing skin throughout your travels.

Air Conditioning

Airports and planes are highly-controlled environments when it comes to air conditioning. They are kept cold, dry, and filtered to encourage a cleaner, safer environment, however, this is not ideal for the skin. This environment frequently results in Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL) during which water is lost through the skin’s surface. Skin is then left dull, dehydrated and more prone to damage and ageing. The appearance of wrinkles are also exacerbated when skin is dehydrated.

In order to combat this, there are several things you can do: replenish your fluids frequently to keep your body hydrated; be sure to incorporate humectants into your skincare routine, which are ingredients that attract water (glycerine, hyaluronic acid); and lastly, seal your hydrating and moisturising ingredients in with an occlusive (waxes and oils). This combination creates a barrier, keeping moisture in and preventing TEWL.

Impaired Routine

Our usual routine regularly falls by the wayside during a holiday. Sometimes it is a case of a condensed product routine, but more often it’s a case of being too busy enjoying your travels to complete the necessary steps. Whether it’s sleeping in makeup or forgetting to apply sunscreen in the morning, this soon takes a toll on our skin’s appearance.

Harsh Activities

Sun, sand, surf, airports, adventures, alcohol and late nights all result in harsh consequences for the skin. While your holiday activities may be incredibly good for the soul, they can quickly leave skin dry, dehydrated, sun damaged, clogged, inflamed or irritated. Keeping skin in good condition whilst on holiday will generally mean looking after it well between and following your activities. Carrying out effective cleansing is essential, and never sleeping in makeup. Skin (and hair) should always be washed after swimming to remove chlorine, salt, dirt or other contaminants, and replenished afterwards with moisturiser and sunscreen as needed.

5 Essentials For Your Travel Bag

We understand that the large majority wish to keep things simple during their travels, but if you’d like to avoid the above unwanted skin consequences from take-off to touching down back home again, here’s what we would recommend packing for your flight.

Everyday Mini Cleansing Oil l

Make sure to clean your skin thoroughly after your flight. Ideally with a product that is gentle to your skin barrier. The Everyday Cleansing Oil is a calming blend filled with brightening antioxidants, and soothing botanical agents like bisabolol. Ongoing use throughout your travels will result in a brightened, hydrated complexion that also and won't strip your skin barrier of any natural oils. Also available in a mini size perfect for on the go.


Everyday Glow Serum 

Everyday Glow Serum is a wonderful all-rounder to address multiple needs whilst travelling. It’s likely you may be exposed to greater UV quantities – vitamin C is excellent at addressing pigment and reducing pigmentation production. It’s also a wonderful antioxidant, which can neutralise excess free radicals produced by higher stress levels, less sleep, alcohol, sun exposure and inflammation. Additionally, our Everyday Glow Serum contains aloe for cooling and calming the skin, Vitamin C, Bamboo Extract and Glow Complex to recharge your skin, Silverear Mushroom to hydrate, and vitamin E for superior antioxidant and healing benefits.


Everyday Day Cream 

Pack light with our mini, multi-tasking cream. A daily moisturiser featuring Cacay’s anti-aging superpowers to deliver extreme hydration, extreme antioxidant benefits, and extreme skin barrier optimisation. 




Last but certainly not least is your sunscreen, which you should never travel without. UV exposure causes perhaps the most significant damage to your skin than all other external factors. 



While nobody wants to spend their entire holidays looking after their skin, these few simple steps can go a long way in preventing unwanted damage leading to premature ageing. And of course, save you some heartache upon your return. We wish you safe travels!



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