Normal skin

Normal skin

What means normal skin?

With a normal skin you have the ideal condition that a skin should have. Your skin is balanced, has a healthy skin barrier and looks fresh. Pores are barely visible and the structure of your skin is even, soft and smooth. From a scientific point of view, this means that your skin produces exactly the right amount of sebum and sweat and is therefore simply healthy.

How do your take care of your normal skin?

Our tips for normal skin

Tip No 01: Use a gentle cleanser

Use mild surfactants or our cleansing oil in the morning and evening. It protects your skin barrier and gently and thoroughly frees the skin from any dirt and grime. So your skin stays radiantly beautiful.

Tip No 02: Do not use aggressive ingredients.

Apply natural, regenerating and well-tolerated ingredients to your skin. Pay particular attention to ingredients that actually make a difference to your skin With our Everyday Day Cream you have everything that is good for your skin.

Tip No 03: Less is better.

Loads of products and ingredients aren’t not the answer. On the contrary, because too much incorrect care can irritate your skin to start with. Less is better. And sustainable to your skin and planet. Use few products, but effective products that give your skin what it really needs.

Tip No 04: Protect your skin.

When the first signs of skin aging become visible various by individual. Support your skin early with sun protection, antioxidants and sufficient moisture. Our Glow Serum will help you with this.

Our Recommendations for normal skin

Everyday Glow Serum

Refreshing serum for a naturally glowing complexion.

Everyday Face Oil

Rich moisturizer with Cacay oil and bisabolol.

Everyday Cleansing Oil

Gentle cleaning to gently remove dirt and makeup.

Everyday Day Cream

Moisturizer for face and décolleté with active blue light protection.