Social Engagement


Since we source our raw materials from all over the world, our commitment does not stop at national borders. On this world map you can see where the projects we are currently supporting are located. Feel free to click on the project you would like to learn more about.


Colombia was the first country where we sourced our key ingredient from that you can found across our products: Cacay Oil. In partnership with the local indigenous communities we have started to grow the NAYA Forest Garden 'Tierre Radiante' to give back to our communities that work relentless to protect the Amazon and its ecosystem. 


It is a special and unique ecosystem, the "Várzea" in Pará on the Brazilian Amazon estuary. The island of Marajó is crossed by waterways, for centuries the landscape has been shaped by small farmers. As a transport artery, the Amazon favours agriculture and livestock breeding - which in turn results in more and more deforested areas. Forest protection projects ensure that forests are preserved in the long term. Together Climate Partner and local population, project participants protect the area from negative influences. Depending on the project region, forests store varying amounts of carbon per hectare. Particularly high amounts of carbon are stored in the vegetation and soil of tropical swamp forests, primary rainforests or mangroves.


Mangroves for the win! In partnership with EDEN, we plant Mangrove trees in Madagascar. 

Why mangroves? Because they are phenomenal all-rounders! Mangroves are true environmental wonders, not only because of their enormously high CO2 sequestration, but also because of their function as natural breakwaters in the coastal ecosystem. Unfortunately, 50% of the world's mangrove stocks have already been cut down. This makes it all the more important to support their reforestation.


We partner with DKB Stiftung, which is a social integration project to run our logistic center. 


Reefscapers in parntership with Four Season is one of the world leaders in coral reef restoration with over half a million corals transplanted on more than 7000 coral frames since 2003. Thanks to reefscapers pioneering coral frames techniques and continous efforts to innovate new solutions, coral reefs have been given a helping hand to flourish, creating new homes for a beautiful variety of marine life. 

For us, it is natural to give back a part of our economic success. That is why we invest goes to the environment, including social and ecologically committed organisations.

We obtain most of the raw materials for our products from nature. And although we try to operate as environmentally friendly as possible, we still leave a footprint. We are therefore convinced that with small and large steps we can contribute to making the world a little better every day.