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Are you looking for a pure and active ingredient-based skincare range that suits you and your skin and is also good for the environment? Then you've come to the right place!

Whether on YouTube, TikTok or Instagram - whether you're already a NAYA fan or a newcomer: become part of the Change Agents and share your love for natural and sustainable care products with your community. Together we prove that the right skincare have real power!

Power to change things - your skin, your environment, your mindset.

Because it starts with you to support the women & men around you to fall back in love with their skin. 

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It sounds cheesy! We know. But if not us together, who will ?

Joining our community, you can be part of a purpose-driven organisation that works locally with families where we source our ethical and sustainable Cacay Oil from. Every time we sell a NAYA product, you help us contribute a percentage of our revenue to a bigger cause. Our objective is to protect up to 30ha-50ha of land in Colombia from being deforested and instead turn it into an agroforestry area. You not only support us planting a Cacay tree, you also help us save trees from deforestation and ultimately our conservation goal. But overall, you will support us engage more families locally to show them another way to make an income for their family. Many families in Colombia still suffer from the recent conflicts. The route to recovery is long but you can directly touch those lives by working with us. And ultimately re-connect with nature by saving one tree at a time, while transforming one skin at a time.



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