Hey, my name is Sarah!

NAYA is a eco-lux skincare brand on a mission to deliver sustainable, effective products that are proven to deliver results.

My passion for skin radiance began many moons ago. Inspired by my extensive research on skin’s complexion, I sought to unlock the full power of skin’s wellbeing to unleash its radiance—how I define beauty: healthy skin. Unlike traditional products that rely on superficial pigments or oils to deliver surface-level results, NAYA offers radiant results on contact while helping skin repair, regenerate and renew its natural healthy glow from within.

Driven by Purpose

From the Amazon to NAYA

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Healthy skin that unleashes Radiance is how I define beauty. For me, the most beautiful skin you can have, is a healthy skin everyday.

Sarah Zimmer, Founder of NAYA


Efficacy First

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Our approach to skincare goes beyond our products. I wanted a performance driven skincare line formulated with fewer potent actives at higher concentration. Product that I could feel good about for their botanical science, proven effectiveness and soil to skin life-cycle.

Sarah Zimmer, Founder of NAYA


The NAYA Radiance

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My Commitment to Your Skin & Beyond

Mindfulness is a way of life and in many South American countries it is a way of being. Living tucked between mountains, jungle and the ocean, they respect the nature that surrounds them. When I created NAYA, my goal was to create just the essentials in the most sustainable way possible—including how I source ingredients, creating the cleanest and natural formulation standards, and my beautifully recyclable packaging.