A Powerful Bio-Hyaluronic Acid: Silver Ear Mushroom

Nov 1, 2018

Silver Ear Mushroom

At NAYA, we love finding botanical phyto actives to their synthetic counterparts. Thus, when we launched we were one of the first brands to pioneer the Silver Ear Mushroom in our Glow Serum and Hydration Mask. At NAYA, we love eating mushrooms and we love using them in our everyday skincare. In this installation of our ongoing “Plant Power” series, we’ll be focusing on the benefits of Silver Ear Mushroom in skin care. Learn more about natures botanical Hyaluronic Acid. 

In this article, we will talk about the following: 

What is the silver ear mushroom? 

A Mushroom with superpowers

Hyaluronic Asicd vs Tremella fuciformis


What is the silver ear (Tremella fuciformis or White Fungus)

Tremella fuciformis is a healing and edible mushroom. It is very popular in Japan and in China. The fungus thrives best in a tropical, subtropical climate and prefers to grow on mango wood. The Tremella fuciformis got its nickname, Silver Ear, due to its peculiar appearance. The fungus has a pale yellow to whitish color and inter-grown gelatinous lobes that actually look like ears. In Europe, the Tremella fuciformis is still a real secret weapon in the skincare field. At Naya, we only want to introduce you to proven, high-quality bioactive ingredients that give back your natural glow. Thus introducing you to the Silver Ear and its secret powers by adding it to our Star Ingredients list. As in our humble opinion, this adaptogen and bio-hyaluronic acid, should be on everyone’s skincare shopping list. Ultimately, becoming part of your Everyday beauty routine.

A mushroom with superpowers

Tremella fuciformis has a pleasantly sweet smell and has a mild and rather sweet taste. It helps against diseases such as tuberculosis, colds and high blood pressure. And is available in powder or capsule form. The mushroom supports the blood circulation. Therefore, contributing to a firm and plum looking skin. You can find the silverear mushroom in our Everyday Glow Serum.


Hyaluronic acid vs Tremella fuciformis

The extract is almost identical in its chemical structure to hyaluronic acid and ensures a cosmetically almost equivalent effect. Some experts even claim that the Tremella fuciformis is even more moisture-binding than the proven hyaluronic acid. In part, the extract from the Tremella fuciformis is also referred to as bio-hyaluronic acid. That is why we formulated Tremella fuciformis in some of our newer products to accompany our star ingredient Cacay Oil. Ultimately, when taken together and regularly, it gives you a youthful and naturally glowing skin. We added this beautiful extract in our Bio-Hyaluron Hydration Mask and Everyday Glow Serum to give you the extra hydration your skin deserves. In addition, protecting your skin from environmental stressors, soothing sun-stressed skin or a day out in the city combating all the free radicals. You can also enjoy experience the silverear mushroom in our Hydration Mask.

In Summary

Not only is this adaptogen a winner when it comes to skincare. It is traditionally found in the Chinese cuisine where the silver ear plays a huge role and is added to soups and desserts. So overall and all-around talent that can help us from the outside in and inside out. With the silver ear (Tremella fuciformis or White Fungus), the Asian culture has given us a mushroom, which has a tremendously positive effect on the skin.

Our BFF, Mother nature has all we need to deliver you effective bioactive ingredients resulting in beautiful glowing skin!

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