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The word NAYA has several meanings in different languages. In some language it means fresh, new, renew and it also means with purpose. The ethos of our business.

NAYA is an international company with a base in the UK and in the EU.

Yes. NAYA is made in Germany through and through. This means that all relevant processes of our brand, from research and development, production, design, packaging, storage, fulfilment are taken place in Germany.

We want to combine the best of both worlds in our product formulations. We understand our principle “Efficiency, without trade-offs” that means that we do not want to be restricted by unregulated definitions when developing our product formulations. And thus can remain more free in the decision-making processes of the NAYA's product formulations. In our recipes, we do not include ingredients common in natural cosmetics such as essential oils, drying alcohols, animal components and other fragrances, and neither do they include ingredients from conventional cosmetics such as silicones, mineral oils, parabens, PEGs and microplastics that we perceive as unnecessary and harming to nature and aggravating to the skin. We have our own set of rules for the creation of our highly compatible unisex essentials.

Clean beauty is a free term that is not further defined by law or regulation. It is a matter of interpretation for a brand what it means by ‘clean’ and the same applies for ‘natural cosmetics’. Likewise, ‘clean’ is not to be equated with ‘vegan’, ‘cruelty-free’ or ‘natural cosmetics’. Rather, most brands use it to point out what isn’t in their products or what the founder of the brand would like to avoid. And each brand has their own hitlist of ingredients they do not include in their formulations. For NAYA this means: We do without ingredients of animal origin, silicones, mineral oils, parabens, paraffins, PEGs, microplastics, essential oils, drying alcohols and perfume in all of our products. And will won't include any other ingredients that are unnecessary and harmful to the environment and to you and your loved ones.


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In our opinion, scenting contradicts the current scientific standard and offers no real added value for the skin. Fragrances such as essential oils are also suspected of triggering allergic reactions. In particular if used above a certain percentage which can be harmful for the skin.

The smell of the products is that of the respective ingredients and active ingredients. As we are working with natural ingredients and actives, the smell of can vary slightly depending on the batch as we are working with natural that is wild and free-spirited.

With our essentials, we want to offer highly compatible unisex products that offer the skin real added value and will therefore refrain from using fragrances in our products in the future.

The only product that does contain Essential Oils is  our very first product the Everyday Face Oil which is also under review to offer a version without essential oils.

Please read our Free From Promise to learn more which questionable ingredients we avoid.

Yes, all NAYA products are cruelty-free. We also do not conduct any animal experiments and do not commission third parties to carry out animal experiments. According to the EU Cosmetics Regulation, cosmetics that have been manufactured with the help of animal experiments have no longer been allowed to be sold in the EU since 2013.

Yes, all NAYA products are vegan friendly.

An ingredient that has been created in the lab doesn’t mean necessarily it is a bad or toxic ingredient. There is a dangerous misconception of this in the industry. It simply depends on various factors and there isn't a simple black or white answer. For example; most of your ‘Vitamin C Serum’ will have a lab-based Vitamin C in the products such as L-Asorbic Acid. And I hope we can all agree, that pure L-Asorbic acid doesn’t grow on a tree. The same applies for Vitamin E or preservatives. They can still be derived from plants but most of the time they are lab-created to reduce cost and exploit the environment. Which again, doesn’t mean it is a bad or toxic ingredient. Most of the times, ingredients that are created in the lab are much ‘cleaner’ as they don’t contain any allergens what we could possibly react to. Thus, people report more reactions to natural skincare products than actually synthetic skincare products. However, not each ingredient that was created in a lab, we would advise to use. So, please learn more about our Ingredients Promise here. And learn how to read the label.

We work via our chemist based in Germany sourcing high-quality ingredients that are ethically sourced, not tested on animals and using no conservatives. And we also source directly through our own supplier network we have established over the years. These are cutting-edge ingredients considering the newest sourcing methods, extraction techniques and are meeting high quality standards based on EU Cosmetic Regulations. All of our ingredients are rigorously tested for quality and potency to ensure active botanicals with no contaminates. Some of our ingredients we source directly from indigenous communities where the plants originate from, such as our high-quality Cacay Oil.

Cacay Oil is a clear pale to golden-brown oil and has a pleasant nutty-sweet aroma. It is light with a non-greasy texture, fast absorbing, and ideal for dry to oily skin types including very sensitive and sun damaged complexions as well mature skin.

The key to the oil’s outstanding performance is its fine molecular structure, which contributes to its effectiveness not only as a skin hydrator but also as a protector. Cacay Oil is non-comedogenic and has anti-microbial properties, which can help heal and reduce acne blemishes and scarring.

Clinical studies run in Germany and in South America have proven Cacay Oil’s efficacy to combat the visible signs of ageing and those in the know consider the oil to be the reigning champion of natural anti-ageing skin care. Learn more here.

According to the law, cosmetics must be stable for at least 30 months when unopened. According to the EU Cosmetics Regulation of 2009, we mark the shelf life after opening the NAYA products with the help of the jar symbol. The number you will find inside the jar symbol indicates the number of months that your NAYA product will keep after opening. For NAYA products, this is usually six months.

We do not use cushioning and short-lived effect-enhancing substances that have no actual effect long-term and give a temporary boost, such as mineral oils, silicones and others. It is true that the active ingredients we use, such as hyaluronic acid and others, can minimize wrinkles caused by dryness in a short-term. The long-term effect is usually visible within four weeks after the first application, when the cell turnover, an endogenous process for renewing the skin kicks-in, which takes about 28 days. 

Yes, the majority of NAYA products are suitable for pregnant women. The exception here is the RENEW CACAY+A, due to the active ingredient Retinol. Please consult your doctor, as we are not doctors and cannot give advice on health matters. Find suitable products for when you are pregnant here.


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Yes. As soon as your order has been dispatched, you will receive a link with the tracking number by email and can track the shipment online.

We would also be happy to send your package to a DHL Packstation. To do this, please enter your 7 or 8-digit ID in the “Company” field of your delivery address – with “Post number: xx”. Please do not forget the number of your packing station, please enter it in the “Address” field with “Packstation: xx “. We are not responsible if the package gets lost at the Packstation.

We are currently shipping to EU, non-EU countries. Details and an overview of the delivery costs can be found here on our delivery page. If you want to place a NAYA order in our shop outside of these countries, please contact us at and we will try to find a solution for you.

Once your order is confirmed you will receive an email from us with the details. You will receive another notification once it has been sent, this will also contain your tracking link so you can follow your package to your door!

No, we have reduced our printed materials as much as possible. You will receive your order information and can access your invoice from your order confirmation email.


Upon placement of your order, you will be sent an order confirmation to your email address. This also confirms that we have received your order. If you have not received an order confirmation, please verify that you have completed the payment process.

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Once orders are placed, they are not able to be edited, added to or cancelled.

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We have minimised our packaging as much as possible whilst still following regulation guidelines and requirements. You'll receive our full size skincare in amber glass with an external carton. All cardboard, glass bottles you receive are recyclable. Please dispose of the pumps and caps responsibly. Your order will be protected in a cardboard box and paper filling.

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