NAYA Cacay Beauty Oil (Retinol Alternative)

NAYA Cacay Beauty Oil (Retinol Alternative) - NAYA
NAYA Cacay Beauty Oil (Retinol Alternative) - NAYA
NAYA Cacay Beauty Oil (Retinol Alternative) - NAYA
NAYA Cacay Beauty Oil - NAYA
NAYA Cacay Beauty Oil (Retinol Alternative) - NAYA
NAYA Cacay Beauty Oil (Retinol Alternative)

NAYA Cacay Beauty Oil (Retinol Alternative)

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100% Premium Cacay Oil and sourced directly from indigneous communities. Not diluted with other low quality oils like many other cacay oils available in the market. You get 100% purity from NAYA!
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Cacay Beauty Oil is multi-purpose oil to help balance the skin from within. Cacay Oil is a light, dry face oil that nourishes and revitalises skin to balance it from within. Our proprietary blend of cacay oil sourced from indigenous communities using regenerative farming practices is naturally abundant in essential antioxidants, nourishing omega fatty acids and powerful tocopherols, all of which help protect the skin from damaging free radicals. 6x more powerful than Argan oil and 3x more powerful than Rosehip oil in protecting the skin from damaging free radicals. It’s also rich in naturally-occurring pure Vitamin A to assist with cell renewal and plumbing up fine line. Tests conducted confirmed it is safe to use during day.

ADDRESSES: Dryness/Dehydration, Rough Texture, Dullness, Elasticity, Uneven Skin Tone, Fine Lines and Wrinkles

BENEFITS: Healthy glow, Hydrate, Maintain skin elasticity, improve's skin resistance, strengthening, supports the skin's barrier function, balancing, regenerating, reduces blemishes

AROMA & TEXTURE: A light weight oil, with a slight nutty scent. No essential oils. It is the product’s natural smell. Smell and colour can vary from batch to batch as we are working with natural ingredients.

All skins, in particular formulating for sensitive skin.

Cacay Oil has a myriad of benefits for the skin:

Naturally derived retinol helps to increase cell turnover and improve skin tone.
Vitamin E protects the skin against free radicals and prevents premature ageing.
Essential fatty acids help to balance sebum production.
Linoleic acid strengthens the natural skin barrier and promotes the formation of healthy new skin cells.

Bettina R: "Treated myself with this new member to the Naya family in my bathroom and love the effect on my face. Great stuff, as usual."

Skye: "What a beautiful oil! And the work and goodness behind this brand. It's just great - in the world we live in - to support a company with such an ethos is a delight!"

When can I use the the Cacay Beauty Oil?
You can use the Cacay Beauty Oil day and night. And you can also add a few drops into the Everyday Day Cream or Glow Serum.

Does the Cacay Beauty Oil contain only Cacay oil?
Yes! It is 100% pure Cacay oil sourced from our communities in Colombia. Only in Colombia you have Cacay Oil as it is indigenous to that region. It does not grow anywhere else in South America. Unfortunately, some other oils are promoted as Cacay Oil which is offered at a much cheaper cost which is polluting the market. So know your supplier!!

Does Cacay Beauty Oil contain Retinol?
Cacay Oil contains naturally Vitamin A which makes it such a unique oil. Important to know, it is not increasing the skin’s photosensitivity and this you can use the Cacay Beauty Oil day and night.

What colour does the Cacay Beauty Oil have?
It has a beautiful golden colour. And has a gentle nutty smell.

Our FAQs can be found in the footer of the website. If you’re not able to find the answer you’re looking for in the FAQs, please do get in touch with a member of our lovely customer service team by sending us an email to

Caryodendron Orinocense (Organic Cacay) Seed Oil**

**100% Pure, Premium Cacay Oil from trees over 100 years old.

Volume: 30ml

30+ awards received within 3 years

Attracta Winner Badge Aura Essence
Award-winning Beauty Shortlist Awards 2022 Badge
Award-winning Lux Life Badge
Global Green Beauty Award Winning 2021
Award-winning Beauty Shortlist Awards 2020 Badge
Veggie Award Winning 2020

from indigenous communities to your bathroom

Clinical Study Results


of women & men showed a reduction of wrinkles


women & men showed improved skin surface hydration


reduction of wrinkles after 4 weeks of use


Cacay Beauty Oil


FAQs from our customer

Cacay oil, sometimes known as kahai oil or tacay oil, comes from the seeds of the cacay tree. The tree is indigenous to South America, and cacay trees are thought to be good for promoting biodiversity in the Amazon. Cacay oil is derived from cacay nuts, which are cold-pressed to extract the nutritious oil. The oil contains lots of fatty acids, as well as vitamins E and A. Read more about it here.

Cacay oil is a new natural anti-ageing oil that stimulates cellular turnover and slows collagen breakdown. Cacay oil a great multipurpose oil. You can use it for your face and decollete to prevent wrinkles or to soften those fine lines, but it can also be used as a cuticle oil. It’s even great for hair as it helps to hydrate your dry lengths and ends. It has healing properties due to the high level of Vitamin E, thus you can use it for various skin irritations, not only acne. It can also help with stretch marks and mild scars.

Cacay oil comes from the Amazonian rainforest.

Because Cacay seeds are wild harvested by indigenous communities the quantity available for use in skincare is very low, making it the rarest plant oil for skincare. Unfortunately, due to this reason, there are many suppliers that supply diluted Cacay oil or even other types of oil under the name of cacay. At NAYA, you get 100% pure premium Cacay Oil which we source from trees that are over 100 years old.

Cacay fruits are collected by hand early in the year. The three inner seeds are cold pressed to release the nutrient rich oil.

The Latin name is Caryodendron Orinocense and Cacay trees grow to 30 or 40 metres.

You can buy Cacay Oil directly from us. Either you can enjoy one of our products where we use Cacay Oil. Or you can use the 100% pure Cacay Oil in our Cacay Beauty Oil. If you like to test it in a brick and mortar store, please let us know where you live and we can advise you accordingly. Please email us on:

Cacay Oil is known for its ability to help improve skin tone, soften skin, reduce signs of ageing such as helping to smooth wrinkles. Studies conducted in Germany have shown, when Cacay Oil applied twice daily, 100% of participants saw an increase in hydration and firmness, while 95% saw a reduction of wrinkles.

Cacay Oil is extremely rich in natural retinol (vitamin A), vitamin E and linoleic acid (vitamin F) containing far more than most other natural oils worldwide. Cacay oil has three times more Retinol than rosehip oil. Retinol is an antioxidant derivative of vitamin A and it is great for preventing wrinkles but also spots.

Cacay oil can be effective for clogged pores. One study saw a 25% reduction in micro comedones (clogged pores) after just one month using Cacay Oil in your everyday skincare. Most breakout prone skin is deficient in Linoleic Acid with an excess of Oleic acid. This imbalance can clog pores. For example: Argan oil has 40%-50%, oleic acid vs Cacay with only 10%-14%.

Cacay Oil is safe to use during pregnancy. We have many customers that are pregnant and have been using our products throughout their pregnancy. Cacay Oil is also a great oil to treat stretch marks.

Loved by customers

“Love this oil! Good on its own or drizzled into other products. And love NAYA and the values of what the company stands for and does. Hats off and keep up the good work!.“ –Janine H., Customer

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Inspiration Behind the Product

"We combine the ancient knowledge of the indigenous communities with the science of modern world and finding the very best that nature has to offer. And that is what makes NAYA unique. We are excited that we have identified this intelligent ingredient from environmentally-conscious supplier that shares the same value as us and want to secure the ancient knowledge by sustainably grow our land using modern innovation."

Sarah Zimmer

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All our products are safely manufactured and undergo thorough testing based on the EU Cosmetics Regulation - the strictest regulations for developing and launching products without questionable ingredients that could be harmful to human and environmental health. As a vegan and non-animal testing company, we are also PETA certified and our products are free from genetically modified organisms.
Naya is PETA approved