The Renewed Glow

RENEWeD GLOW explained

I created a unique formulation protocol: every product is rich in active ingredients, delivers key skin actions, and works skin deep, powered by the potency of Native Plant actives. Every ingredient works in sync with one another to soothe, repair and support the skin, and bring back the skin’s natural healthy glow.

Active Ingredients

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Healthy skin that unleashes a natural Glow is how I define beauty. For me, the most beautiful skin you can have, is a healthy skin everyday.

Sarah Zimmer, Founder of NAYA

Skin Actions

Renewed Skin GLOW Explained

A Natural Skin Glow is created by your skin based on its skin's ability to reflect light. At NAYA, we clinically measure and analyse this glow via skin texture, skin tone, skin firmness and skin luminosity. And overall, how you feel about the skin you are in.

"Radiance is the warm glow that rested, nourished, healthy skin exudes."

2 Skin Levels

Beige Circle with a Pyramide outlining naya's formulation philosophie