Your Skin

All about your Skin

Your Skin is unique. Just like you.

Many people don’t even know what their skin condition is or what their skin needs. What tendencies your skin has when stressed. Most people are overwhelmed with marketing campaigns and years using the wrong type of products on their skin. It’s no wonder either. Because your skin is as personal as you are, and how your skin has grown is influenced from person to person. Let us coach you to beautiful skin and support you understand your skin and your skin needs better.

No need to ever rely on others by understand your skin and what your skin needs to match the right products to it. Your skin belongs to you so no one knows the your skin better than yourself.

Be your own detective and find out what your skin needs.

Sensitive skin

Features: sensitive to new products, turns red quickly, sun sensitive, cold sensitive

Skin structure & pores: fine pores, light skin tone

Complexion: matte, pale

Mature skin

Features: partly dry, scaly skin areas, sensitive, porcelain-like skin

Skin structure & pores: fine pores, hardly blackheads

Complexion: matte, pale


Oily skin

Features: shiny film on the entire face, prone to acne

Skin structure & pores: larger, clogged pores, prone to blackheads, pustules and pimples

Complexion: glossy, uneven, reddened areas due to impurities

Dry skin

Features: partially cracked, scaly skin areas, sensitive

Skin structure & pores: fine pores, hardly blackheads, rough, cracked, scaly

Complexion: matte, pale

Normal skin

Features: balanced, firm, clear, insensitive

Skin structure & pores: even, fine, velvety

Complexion: even, harmonious, fresh

Combination skin

Features: glossy T-zone, side parts normal to dry

Skin structure & pores: larger pores on the T-zone, blackheads and occasional pimples, dry, sometimes scaly spots in the cheek/ forehead/ eye area

Complexion: unbalanced, redness in the T-zone, pale-looking cheeks

If you unterstand your Skin, you understand what it needs

In order to know exactly what your skin needs, it is important that you understand how your skin is actually structured and what function it fulfills. This is the best way to know what is really good for you and your skin. Learn to appreciate your skin and get to know it. Your skin protects you everyday.

What does the skin look like from the inside?

Your skin is made up of three main layers and many sub-layers. These include the epidermis (upper skin), the dermis (leather skin) and the subcutaneous tissue (subcutaneous tissue). All are closely related and have their own tasks to keep your skin healthy and protect it from intruders.

What are the functions of your skin?

The skin is your largest organ. It protects you from many external influences and has many different functions that it consistently repeats with flying colours. She feels for you, she warms you when it is too cold for you and she cools you when it is too hot for you.

It is a sensory organ that gives you the opportunity to take in the outside world by touching it. That is why it is so important that you take good care of your skin and that your skin get the care it needs. As it is as unique as you are.

What are the influences that regulary influence your skin's well-being?

When it comes to the health of your skin, the right care everyday is essential for your skin. A radiant complexion and an even complexion are not possible with a single cream, a single ingredient but also not with a 10-step system.

A formulation that builds on each other is required so that all layers and cells get what is important. The task here is to find out which one is right for you. And learn what you can and cannot influence. Get to know your skin and learn to love the skin you are kin.