Committed Beauty

Committed Beauty

We want to be different

We’re proud to pioneer this movement and be a Committed Beauty. Join us on our journey and become a force of change that fosters sustainable living and protects the environment we live in. We are very excited about our ongoing initiatives and hope you'll love them too! 

We created a pure, effective and sustainable skincare brand which is not only good for you, but also the planet. Everything we do is always based on our four core values: Sustainability, Transparency, Social responsibility and Safety.

Circular Beauty Brand

  • We work with our communities in Colombia to source our Cacay Beauty Oil.
  • The raw materials are pressed and prepared locally in Colombia before it gets shipped to Germany to our R&D and manufacturer.
  • When you buy from us directly, we give back to nature on your behalf and plant a tree in Colombia.
  • Those trees are given to the local communities who look after and harvest them.
  • Our local partner then buys the harvest from the communities, we purchase it off from our partner before it gets shipped back to our facilities in Germany.

In this circular economy, everyone is a winner.

We created 'Tierra Radiante' is an Agroforestry Project to give back to the local communities whilst undoing the damage caused by traditional agriculture businesses. 

One Order = One Tree

It's as simple as that. Every time you shop with us, we will plant a tree and give back to the indigenous communities in Colombia. 

We care about the climate

Our goal is to develop our products in a climate-neutral way and offset the CO2 emissions. We support high-quality carbon offset projects which are certified according to international standards, and in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by the United Nations.

For us as a company, we are 100% committed to reducing our CO2 footprint. We are conscious that we are sourcing our hero ingredients for our products far away from our manufacturing facility in Germany. Bearing this in mind, we are working on lowering our ecological footprint by calculating the carbon emission of each of our products, while giving back to specific projects. We are delighted to have teamed up with Climate Partner to do this and are even more excited that we have completed the first step to becoming carbon neutral.

Our Carbon Neutrality Objective. Track us here:


At NAYA we continue to support the local community within our supply chain. We also donate a percentage of sales to projects very close to our heart.

2019: We bought over 1500 Cacay Nuts.

2019: We set up the tree nursery Tierra Radiante in Colombia.

2020: We partnered with Climate Partner to work towards Carbon-neutrality. And invested a portion of our sales to a project in Brazil to support Acai Farmers within a beautiful nature reserve with a lot of wild life.

2021: We are planting more than 2000 Cacay trees and give back to the community.

2021: We have bought 2500kg of Cacay nuts to continuer the tree nursery Tierra Radiante.

2021: We are partnering with Eden Reforestation Project and support replanting mangroves in South America and Madagascar.

2021: We adopted two large coral frames in the Maldives to support the reforestation and protection of corals in partnership with the Four Seasons. 

2021: We are working with DKB Stiftung in Germany, a social integration project to run our logistic center. 

And this is only the beginning!