NAYA's Ultimate Face Serums Guide

Feb 10, 2023

What are face serums?

Serums work at a cellular level to unlock healthier skin. Serums are a true skincare saviours. And I love serums. 

Elevate your everyday skincare with serums. Applied between cleansing and moisturising and after an essence, this highly concentrated fluid absorbs deep into the skin to target specific concerns. Using a potent formulation, serums deliver visible results and importantly, long-lasting benefits. They are a must have in every everyday skincare routine to enjoy healthy skins. 

Intrigued by our most powerful ingredient-packed care? Discover everything about our serum, guided by our Founder Sarah's natural skincare expertise, and effectively target your individual skin needs.

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What Are the Benefits of Face Serum?

Face serum benefits are truly endless. Unlike most skincare, serums can penetrate beneath the skin's surface, allowing you to treat skin goals fast and efficiently. However, regardless of your concerns, you can always rely on serum for an instant moisture kick. Beautifully coating the skin with a silken texture, it provides hydration to reveal a soft, supple complexion.


What does a serum do in your skincare routine?

In short, serums are the best way to provide your skin with targeted active ingredients. Due to their light texture, they are quickly absorbed into the skin and provide it with important vitamins, moisture and nutrients. Depending on the serum, it supports your skin and individual needs.

As with your entire skincare routine, it's important to know your skin need when choosing a serum. That way, you can choose the products that work best for you and your skin. If you're not sure what your skin need is, it's easy to find out with our online skin test or you can schedule a consultation. 


How to Choose the Right Serum?

From dull and dehydrated to mature, your skin type is the key factor in finding the perfect serum. Designed to help primary skin concerns, each of our serums features a uniquely curated blend of ingredients for targeted action. Soothing plant actives work best for acne, redness or irritation, while vitamin-rich serums help in renewing skin cells to prevent the first signs of ageing.

Still unsure what serum is best for you? Discover the Routine Finder for a personalised skincare routine, featuring our much-loved serums.

The Layering Concept: When to apply a serum? 

If you're new to the layering principle, here's a little reminder on the subject. The rule of thumb is to go from thin to thick after cleansing. Think of the Onion Look we are all familiar with from the fashion industry. You don't wear your bra over your wooly sweater. Or do you? :)

If you would like more information about layering, you can take a look at this article. There we have listed the individual products from our range and the steps. Here is some background information on the principle.

A face serum is applied in the "work" step. The skin is cleansed and can optimally absorb the active ingredients of the serum. Due to its light, often gel-like texture, a serum is quickly absorbed into the skin so that a cream or face oil can be applied afterwards to give the skin a nourishing finish.

If you want to use more than one serum. You can incorporate two different serums: One in your morning and one in your evening routine. Don't use multiple potent serums in succession. Unless you are not planning to apply any other products afterwards with the exception of a Face Oil. 


How to Apply a Serum?

A little goes a long way with serum. Due to its potent nature, applying one or two drops is all you need. Apply your serum after cleansing and essence, gently massaging into the face, neck and décolletage. Then, let it settle into the skin for a few minutes and proceed with your moisturising ritual to lock in the serum’s benefits. 

The alternative to this quick variant application is all about self-care and a mini-me time. Serums can also be massaged into the skin with a Gua Sha scraper. With the right technique, you can stimulate the skin's circulation and pamper yourself with a relaxing massage.

Just like with any other skincare product, daily use provides the best results. Our serums are ideal to use twice a day, but you can also alternate them in your routine to target multiple concerns. Although, serum weights are also a factor to consider. If you wear make-up, a lighter formula may be suited for morning skincare, while heavier, more potent serums often work at their best overnight.

Need something more powerful? Don't worry! We have you covered with our powerfully phytos backed serums at high percentage. Making us unique in this beauty industry. 

Sarah's top tip: "If your chosen serums have different textures, go from thinnest to thickest consistency for the most effective results. Think Onion-Look. Same applies to your skincare routine. "

What Are the Different Types of Face Serum?

Our serum collection uses the finest botanical ingredients, supported by cutting-edge science, and combine this with ancient wisdom to maintain optimal skin health. Developed to help an array of skin needs, find the best serum to suit you:

For All Skin: Vitamin C Serum

The Antioxidant Defence Booster is a true skin all-rounder. Using a potent dosage of vitamin C - Ascorbic Acid the Queen of Vitamin Cs - and soothing Niacinamide, ayurvedic herb Schisandra and Desert Algae, the serum creates a youthful glow by illuminating the complexion and lighten up pigmentations.

Kirsty B.: "A super flexible product! I use it with my Glow Serum, or I mix it with my cleansing oil from NAYA to mix a nice scrub at home. And blemishes are visibly reduced. Highly recommend."


For Dehydrated Skin: Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Using five different types of hyaluronic acid and Superoxide Dismustase, our Aura Essence gives skin a welcome dose of hydration. Clinically shown to increase skin hydration, skin is left plumper and comforted for a healthier appearance. Aura Essence is a unique essence / serum - and basically the only one in the beauty industry that uses a Multi-Hyaluronic Acid Complex to deeply hydrate each of your skin levels. 

Jacqueline S.: "My face is radiant. I am very often asked about my beautiful skin. A healthy diet, the right way of dealing with stress and Naya. Help me to glow. Thank you ;)"


For Dull Skin: Reviving Serum

Proven to help to revive the skin's mitochondria in your skin cell. It recharges the batteries to bring back the glow to your skin. Featuring a youth-enhancing blend of Rhodiola, Mulberry Leaves and Silver Ear Mushroom, the Everyday Glow Serum reveals a cared-for, younger look which also aids congested skin and fights impurities to unlock a clearer complexion. 

Jschmidt: "My skin is a dream. I often suffer from hormonal pimples and the Glow Serum helps wonderfully and my skin has never looked so beautiful and even. Use it every day !!!"


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