6 ways to make Peace with Your Skin

Sep 9, 2018


Fall back in love with your skin

If you want beautiful skin – whether it is youthful or mature – then you need to identify and work with the skin’s natural rhythms and support them with healthy lifestyle choices.

Have a lot of good-quality sleep, which is vital for skin health. Don’t only focus on the number of hours, but think about the quality of sleep. A chronic lack of good-quality sleep can age skin by as much as 10 years. Relive stress and see a miraculous effect on skin. Help your health and appearance by addressing stress and anxiety, perhaps by engaging in a hobby that absorbs you. Drink at least 2 litres of water a day to make a big difference to the radiance and moisture of your skin. Avoid cigarettes and alcohol, which are highly damaging. Both can dehydrate the skin and interfere with its ability to utilise nutritionist – just take a look at your skin after a heavy night out. Use good-quality skin products that make use of gentle natural cleansing agents and natural oils and plant extracts instead of industrial petrochemical derivatives. Eat healthy because your diet is influential on the health of your skin in both the short and the long term. For instance, studies show that diets that are high in sugar can make the skin look older. In contrast, diets rich in healthy omega-3 fats can protect against sun damage and even acne.

“If you want beautiful skin – whether it is youthful or mature – then you need to identify and work with the skin’s natural rhythms and support them with healthy lifestyle choices.”

A new generation seeks to define beauty as natural and holistic, and more reflective or our needs, emotions, and perceptions. One-size doesn’t fit all and even the skin has different needs throughout the day, months, year. This philosophy embraces a broader appreciation of diverse human beings of all ages and cultures. It has also started to trigger an awareness of a movement away from synthetic and mass-produced beauty products made from polluting and increasingly scarce petrochemical ingredients.

As many of us become environmentally more aware, we know that there is no real beauty, if it means to achieve it via unethical and ugly methods. Animal testing, toxic industrial chemicals, avoidable waste, science experiments such as GMO or nano technology that turn customers into lab rats, and lies on the label. Almost 90% of the chemicals put in products have not tested with each other and what potential effects are.

Working with Nature

Our increasing interest in natural beauty, which mirrors an increased awareness of being environmentally friendly, is a positive and inspiring cultural shift and a valuable alternative to plastic beauty.

Concern for what we put in our bodies, and a recent trend for natural and wholesome foods, extends into concern for what we are applying to our bodies. It is hard to feel healthy when one subsists on a diet of refined and highly processed junk food. It is just as hard to feel beautiful when one uses ‘junk’ beauty products, made with petrochemicals or synthetic fragrances that some studies say disrupt the body’s hormonal or nervous systems, cause cancer, provoke allergies, or cause harm to your unborn baby.

work with your skin


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