Cleansing – The Skincare Basics To Start Your Skincare Right

18. Mai 2023

Everyday Cleansing Oil

Redefining the Importance of Proper Cleansing in Your Skincare Routine

When it comes to skincare, experts unanimously agree that starting with a clean canvas is the foundation of any effective routine. Once you've mastered the basics and found a suitable cleanser for your skin type, you can enhance its benefits with additional nourishing ingredients.

A good cleanser is specifically designed to remove impurities and buildup while preserving your skin's protective barrier. If your skin feels tight, taut, or overly squeaky-clean after cleansing, you may inadvertently be harming your skin instead of helping it.

Face wipes should only be marginally approved of under rare circumstances, like when camping without access to water or when you're too inebriated to bother with a proper cleanse. Using baby wipes or resorting to soap and water should never be mistaken for adequate skincare practices.

Cleansing should never interfere with or disrupt the delicate ecosystem that resides on your skin's surface, such as the microbiome, sebaceous secretions, keratinized cornified cells, lamellar lipids, ceramides, and cholesterols. Harsh surfactants can lead to dehydrated skin, abnormal trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL), dryness, blemishes, flakiness, tightness, and compromised texture.

The outermost layer of your skin, known as the stratum corneum, serves to shield and regulate the deeper dermal layers, preserving moisture and blocking impurities and environmental toxins. However, using incorrect cleansing methods or poor-quality products can severely compromise your skin's protective barrier.

By choosing a well-formulated cleanser with a balanced pH that suits your skin type, you create an optimal environment for subsequent serums and moisturizers to work their magic and deliver the desired results.


Throughout the day, dirt particles and dead skin cells accumulate on your face. Therefore, it is essential to cleanse your skin at night to remove impurities before it undergoes nightly repair.

While a morning cleanse is not needed, in particular people with dry skin may find that simply splashing their face with lukewarm water, using a misting product or the use of carbonated water. But if you tend to have oily skin, you might enjoy a cleanse in the morning. Although it might be worth to explore your night time routine before. 



Double cleansing is an effective method to eliminate impurities that accumulate on the surface of your skin, including makeup, excess oil, and dead skin cells. If you live in a polluted city environment or regularly wear sunscreen or makeup, double cleansing once or twice a day is highly recommended.

The process involves using two products: an oil-based cleanser followed by a water-based cleanser. The first step removes oil-based impurities like sebum, SPF, makeup, and pollutants, while the second step targets water-based debris such as sweat and dirt.

At NAYA, as we are using an emulsifying oil cleanser. You can simply use this to conduct your cleansing to easily remove all debris, dirt and sweat in one go. 


Double cleansing helps prevent sebum build-up and bacteria, reducing the risk of acne-related flare-ups. By effectively removing oil-based dirt, residue, cosmetics, and excess sebum, this method can be particularly beneficial for individuals struggling with acne, oily skin, or those who frequently wear heavy makeup.

Moreover, double cleansing enhances the efficacy of your other skincare products. By thoroughly cleansing your pores in the evening, you create an optimal canvas for subsequent products to penetrate and work effectively.

For individuals with dry skin, using two gentle cleansing steps is more advantageous than relying on a single strong formula.

This additional step cleans deeper and also removes residues of the preceding step of oil-based cleansers and ensures all impurities are removed. Wash for one minute before rinsing with lukewarm water.



If your skin has a tendency towards dryness and you have concerns with ageing, you want a gentle oil-based cleanser that is low in surfactants and will not strip skin of its natural oils. Our Everyday Cleansing OIl cleanses the skin and has a neutral pH that ensures your skin isn’t dried out further. The Everyday Cleansing Oil is a gentle formulation leaving the skin feeling supple, cleansed and hydrated. 


If you have sensitive skin, opt for gentle formulas as well such as our Everyday Cleansing Oil that is also fragrance-free. Certified organic botanical oils of pomegranate, sunflower, hemp seed oil and wildly collected cacay oil nourish and promote elasticity. This unique, cleanser transforms into a milky emulsion gently cleansing the skin leaving it feeling soft and dewy. If you have ultra-sensitive skin, be aware that there can be too much of a good thing. For instance, it is best not to double cleanse and overstimulate your skin if you are suffering from a rosacea outbreak or cystic acne as the goal is to soothe the skin rather than further exacerbate any skin conditions.


Our Everyday Cleansing Oil contains anti-inflammatory ingredients including hemp seed oil to assist breakouts and hormonal acne. These extracts combined with soothing plant-based glucosides, Bisabolol and pomegranate helps balance and gently cleanse the skin whilst retaining moisture. For this skin type, it’s paramount to avoid stripping the skin of its natural oils by steering clear of high foaming, harsh surfactants including alcohol, fragrances, essential oils or any other drying ingredients which can set your skin up for further problems by disrupting your natural sebum (oil) production.



As you can see, our Everyday Cleansing Oil is a versatile product that can be used for all skin needs. At the end of the day, all skin needs, it doesn't matter if you are oily, combination, rosacea, dry etc needs a gentle cleanse. As every time, your skin is in contact with water, it requires a recover period to rebalance itself. So you don't need harsh, super foaming or aggressive products that dry out your skin. As you set up your skin for failure instead of success. 

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