Spa Date Night At Home: How To Treat Yourself

10. Feb 2023

If you’re not sure where to start with self-care, may we suggest a spa date night at home. Whether you’re looking for a way to treat yourself or planning for a romantic evening with your significant other, a spa night is a great way to make yourself and others feel pampered, relaxed, and appreciated from head to toe.

Let’s talk about how to put together the ideal spa date night at home in five easy steps. 

1. Set the Mood

Some unscented tealights will do wonders for the ambiance, but the real key to spa vibes is aromatherapy, so scented candles and essential oil blends are the orders of the day. 

Fragrances can actually have an effect on the way we think and feel, so it’s important to consider the impact of your scents. While Peppermint and Citrus scents can be invigorating, you’ll probably want something more relaxing like Chamomile, Jasmine, or Lavender. 

Earthy scents like Cedar, Sandalwood, or Patchouli can be grounding, and if you get into muskier territory, can even be a bit sexy if that’s your vibe. You can also utilise essential oil diffusers or incense to enhance the mood in your home for your spa night.

In addition to lighting and scent, making sure you’ve got many soft furnishings like cozy blankets and plush pillows can go a long way toward making your home relaxation central. Add some fresh flowers and some slow jams at low volume on your sound system, and you’re basically in a spa already!


2. Get Relaxed

Whether this is a self-care night or you’re inviting a significant other into the “spa” with you, once you’ve set the mood in the room, you can ease into the spa portion of the evening. You can whip up a little cucumber water or even a cocktail to make yourself feel like you’re in a celeb-approved sanctuary. 

Spa night calls for a relaxed dress code. Wear something you’re comfortable in, or bundle yourself up in a silky robe to make sure you’re as cozy as your environment. If you’re pampering a partner, having a spare robe at the ready will have them swooning straightaway. 

Consider getting yourself in the mood for at-home indulgence with spa-quality moisturizing ingredients. Enjoy buttery skincare products with luxurious scent notes of Ylang Ylang, Neroli, and Frankincense to feel soothed and pampered — perfect to begin your evening in.


3. Try Massages

Take a few moments while you’re relaxing to watch some Youtube videos about how to give a good massage or just go with what feels right — whether you’ve had a professional massage or not, you can probably get the gist of what feels good with some hands-on experience. 

To elevate the massage to full-on spa territory, don’t forget your new best friend: aromatherapy. You can use properly diluted essential oils as your massage oil if you know what scents you’d prefer, but we think you should let us do the mixing for you — it’s supposed to be your day off, right?

Our Cacay Beauty Oil is an ideal way to give your body the love it deserves. Our oil is pregnancy-safe, ultra-nourishing, and made up of a natural biocompatible oil that help to reveal glistening, silky skin from head to toe.

Cacay Beauty Oil is packed with antioxidant-rich cacay seed oil  — so if you’re a fan of our Cacay Beauty oil for your face, this will help give your body that all-over glow, too. Pure bliss.


4. Face Masks, Always

Whether you combine this step with another part of your home spa night or make it its own feature, applying a face mask is a quick and easy way to indulge in some much-needed self-care. 

If face masks aren’t already part of your routine and you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry. While you can do a DIY face mask, we have some premade options that will help take away some of the guesswork.

Our Hydration Mask is perfect if your priority is smooth, youthful-looking, soft skin. 

After all, many experts argue that exfoliation is the single most important step in your skincare routine, regardless of your specific skin type. That’s because as we get older, our skin cell turnover slows down significantly. 

In order to maintain your glow, it’s important to exfoliate away any dead skin cell build-up at least once a week. 

The problem with most exfoliating masks is that they can damage or disrupt your skin barrier. Potent synthetics and toxic, harsh preservatives can really do a number on your skin’s microbiome. 

That’s where we come in. Our Hydration Mask is formulated to maintain your skin’s delicate ecosystem with a natural preservation system and biocompatible ingredients like Mango Butter and Jojoba Oil.

In just two to five minutes, you can have supple, soft, and moisturized skin

Mango helps counterbalance the potent exfoliating power of Willow Bark Extract, ensuring that your skin isn’t just exfoliated and resurfaced — it’s hydrated and soothed, too. 

Unlike the masks made by other brands, our Moisture Lock Overnight Mask is formulated without harsh preservatives or pore-clogging waxes, so it delivers on hydration without congesting your pores. 


With moisturizing Plant-Derived Hyaluronic Acid, rich and nourishing Mango Butter and Squalane, and soothing Aloe Vera, this mask works to lock in moisture for a soft and supple complexion.

It’s the perfect end to an at-home spa night because you can apply it as you’re wrapping up your evening and treat yourself to a good morning the next day when you wake up to soft and perfectly hydrated skin.


5. Have a Scrub and a Soak

The last stop on your perfect date should be a nice, hot bath! Taking your home spa day from the living room to your bathroom can actually be very romantic, whether you’re in for a gentle, intimate soak, or a fun, carefree bubble bath.

To prepare for the tub, consider a scrub to gently exfoliate your skin and support your skin barrier. You can use beautiful Sugar Exfoliating Body Scrubs that do just that. Smooth and glowing skin. 

Once you’re done with your scrub, make sure that stress-free ambiance carries over to the tub — we’re talking candles, cozy towels, and maybe even a playlist queued up on your phone if your speakers don’t reach your bathroom. Fill your tub with some hot water, and then go the extra step with a bath bomb, salts, or a soak.


In Conclusion

There’s nothing much better than a great date night, whether that date is with a significant other or a date with yourself to treat yourself after a hard week. It’s hard to find time to pamper yourself between work, family, hobbies, and socializing, so planning an evening for nothing but indulgence is the perfect way to ensure you’re getting the rest, relaxation, and affirmation you deserve. 

While it may feel a little extra at first, self-care is an important part of maintaining your overall well being, both physically and mentally. 

Basically, we’re saying that treating yourself to a spa date night is as important as exercising and eating well — so what are you waiting for?

Explore our favorite formulas here for the natural skincare that will give your skin the love it deserves every night and every day.




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