The Sunday: Welcoming the New Year

8. Jan 2023

Ringing in the new year

Ringing in the New Year

The happiest of holidays and starting the New Year right.

No. 1. Our Holidays

I hope you all had a relaxing and beautiful holiday season! We enjoyed a few quiet days at home and it was magical. Unfortunately, we had no snow or white Christmas. But we were bless with a true Winter Wonderland only a few weeks ago when we had -5 degrees and all looked so crisp. We enjoyed going for walks and then coming in to warmth to.  With the global warming happening, these days becoming rarer and it is extra special to enjoy those cold days. I was surprised how many people were complaining and preferred to have 20 degrees in December. Well, I guess they don't care much about global warming and our earth dying. 


No. 2. An English Christmas

Believe it or not. Having lived over ten years in England, I never had an English Christmas as I typically go back home to Germany and spend it with my family. In 2022, unfortunately, due to the economy and flight operators having upped the prices during the weeks prior and after Christmas by multiplier of 6 - I decided it to spend it in England with my partner, his family and friends. It was a different experience but still a beautiful experience. Always worth to try something or try something new to find out if you enjoy it or not. 


No. 3. Skincare Trends for 2023

I love a fresh start and the new year is the perfect time to look ahead to trends! This year I am to one trend in the skincare in particular - hopefully the death of brands making continuous marketing claims that are not proven by any scientific proof. I hope some will finally be caught out. Unfortunately, brands keep raising VC money to keep their big marketing drum running. Hopefully 2023, is when integrity and honesty prevails. 


No. 4. My Favourite Gift

My partner gifted me with a beautiful comfy pyjama for Christmas! It presents some of my favourite colours and I can finally camouflage within my indoor jungle. ha! 


No. 5. Product Development

Over at NAYA, we have been hard at work developing new products. We don't rush this process and we don't necessarily follow trends. We listen what our community needs and what helps our customers to maintain a strong skin barrier. As a strong skin barrier is a healthy skin. 


No. 6. Videos

We are working on some educational videos for you that we will hopefully launch soon for you to enjoy on our website. It will be a little workshop and we hope you will find the information shared helpful to celebrate healthy and timeless skin wellbeing. As this is what we are all about. 


No. 7. New Bash

We can also share with you that we have a new and fresh batch that arrived of our Aura Essence, Day Cream and Glow Serum. All is back in stock and ready for your to experience and enjoy!


Wishing you all the best for New Year!


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