Why Vitamin A is Vital

6. Nov 2023

Are you already using Vitamin A in your skincare routine?

Vitamin A (commonly referred to as retinol), is considered to be the most crucial ingredient in maintaining optimal skin health.  Working on both the dermis and the epidermis, this fundamental vitamin has the ability to attach itself to skin cells, normalising their function and getting them to behave like younger, healthier versions of themselves. 

The Benefits of Vitamin A

Vitamin A should be replenished every day for maximum benefits, which include: 

  • The acceleration of cellular turnover. Over time, lines become shallower, pores become less noticeable, and skin tone is more even and radiant 
  • The promotion of healthy collagen and elastin production by stimulating fibroblasts (cells that produce collagen in the dermis)
  • The normalisation of oil production and exfoliating effect stops dead skin cells from clogging the pores, which is what causes pimples, blackheads and cysts to form
  • The regulation of melanogenesis by inhibiting tyrosinase, an enzyme that plays a vital role in the production of melanin

Sarah loves the vitamin A-based Cacacy Oil + A product with 0.3% Retinol. What is great about Cacacy Oil + A is that the Retinol is in oil, making it a very gentle approach to vitamin A; even more sensitive skin. 

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