Feb 15, 2021

Haines Collection

Who is Haines Collection?

In our Sustainability Series, we would like to introduce you to the beautiful sustainable enterprise Haines Collection launched by Jules. We had the great pleasure to speak with Jules from Haines Collection who is using fabrics that are being marked as wastage to upcycle the fabric and revive it by creating beautiful new designs. Please learn more about Jules and Haines Collection and what makes them so special.

No 01 Why did you launch Haines Collection?

I’ve worked in the interiors textile industry for about 10 years now and so know first hand how much waste there is. Working for a textile designer we used to have lines that didn’t sell or fabric remnants. Working closely with upholsterers we knew they were often left with funny shaped pieces, too good for the bin, but they had no way of moving them onto a new home.

The idea appeared in the summer of 2018 when I came across a local manufacturer with a pop-up shop selling their leftover fabrics. Talking to him he explained the hassle of doing a pop-up shop and how it took him and his team away from his day job. He wasn’t making any money from it, after costs of storage, hiring the space etc so he might as well throw it all away!! The cogs were starting to whirl…this must be the case for so many manufacturers.

No 02 What is your vision for Haines Collection?

Our mission is to reduce waste in the interiors industry. We started with textile waste but now we also collect and resell leftover designer wallpaper, lights and cushions. My long term vision is for us to be the go-to place for the trade when they have leftovers, and the first place someone visits when they want to furnish their home. We have recently opened a gift shop with items made from our fabric remnants.

No 03 When did you know that your business could become a success?

I was lucky enough to get a last-minute stand in 2019 at a huge international design event in London called Decorex. It was just the start of the business, it was my side hustle along with a day job and two small kids. At Decorex I was able to gauge the interest in what I was doing, and even though it was a new concept in the industry – people who understand me really understood and supported me. Some of my best clients and suppliers I met at that event.

recycled and upcycled fabric

No 4 What does sustainability mean to you?

Making small changes to make a big difference. It can be overwhelming to imagine how many things we need to do to live a more eco-friendly and sustainable life – so I’m all about one step at a time.

No 05 Which sustainable business practices are you particularly proud of ?

Our ethos is to create little to no waste in how we run as a business and making sure we are as environmentally friendly as possible. We move into a new office next month and I am so proud that every item in the office is secondhand, upcycled or bought new but from an eco-friendly business.

No 06 What are the most challenging areas you’ve had to navigate in order to be sustainable?

Definitely plastic. There are just some areas that are hard to avoid such as the plastic tubes that fabric is sent out on rolls. We are sent a lot of fabric so we reuse the ones we get in, but plastic is the best way to protect large heavy rolls. We have to use plastic parcel tape to go around them as paper tape won’t stick to the plastic. But it’s something we are working on and always looking for alternatives. Any fabric under 5m is folded and goes in a paper bag which is secured with paper tape, so we manage to win there!

jules from haines collection

No 07 What apps, news, websites you recommend?

We have recently started a partnership with Ecologi who plant trees on your behalf, and a new company called Earthly who do something similar but it’s not just about trees – you invest in a range of projects that offset our carbon footprint.

No 08 Any must-follow eco-friendly/sustainable Instagram Accounts?

I follow someone called Lynne Lambourne who shows us all an environmentally friendly way of life. You can see it’s in her DNA to be sustainable so I learn a lot from her.

No 09 What does your selfcare routine/ritual look like?

This is actually an area that I’ve been trying to get into and really understand what is good for my skin. I’ve always done the basics of a quick face wash in the shower and moisturise but I’ve been watching a lot of TikTik videos to educate myself. I now make sure I wear SPF 30 on my face every time I leave the house, a must!

recycled fabric haines collection

No 10 What’s your favourite thing to do outside?

Be by the water, ideally by the sea in the sun! I find being by water so peaceful so my favourite thing to do is to explore the Kent coast as it’s on my doorstep. I’m a big foodie so it will have to end in a cup of coffee and a piece of cake!

No 11 How do you like to surprise a loved one?

Cards, I love sending or giving cards. Snail mail is such a treat these days!

No 12 What type of skincare products do you use in the morning and in the evening?

It’s a real mix, but mostly things I’ve been recommended by the experts on social media. I’m starting retinol for the first time, so slowly building it up. It’s a whole new world to me, makeup too – that’s my next challenge to conquer!

I love living in Tunbridge Wells, and we are lucky to have the Zero Waste Company in the Pantiles at the bottom of town. It’s a great place to pop into and has everything you could possibly need for a more sustainable life.

Haines Collecion office

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