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3. Jan 2022

Mask Textur NAYA


At NAYA, we love to treat us to a masking session. And hence our Hydration Mask is not to be missed. The mask not only pampers your skin, but also gives you time to relax. And in this article, you'll find out everything you need to know about our new favourite pampering products.

  • Our ultimate self-care helpers: face masks
  • What's inside and what do they do?
  • Our guide to relaxation


Sunday afternoon, rain, winter, all grey in grey... the absolute best conditions to take time for yourself, relax and leave the daily grind behind for a while. Unfortunately, our days are not always designed to put our feet up and devote ourselves to extensive care rituals. Often enough, the motto is: "The main thing is to do it quickly". There is little time in the morning or we simply don't feel like spending much time in the bathroom. We'd rather sleep longer or have a leisurely breakfast. But the minutes we spend applying creams, oils and serums can be a nice ritual to care not only for our skin but also for our soul. Every now and then it can be a little more pampering. For those little spa moments at home, you need the right products. Candles, tea, healthy snacks, bath oil and? Face masks! No matter what your week looks like, whether it's packed with appointments and to-dos or lots of free time and social life - a few minutes of care, time out and focus on yourself are really important.



Hydration Mask is a potent and pure combination of biocompatible actives. It is enriched with five different types of hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate your skin. Your skin immediately looks plumber and fresher. It gives your skin the hydration it needs and can be applied where it is needed on the skin. You can use it as many times as you want and we suggest to use it 2-3 times during the week for an extra boost of hydration. Why not enrich it with our Everyday Face Oil or Cacay Beauty Oil and use it as an overnight hydration mask. Waking up to beautiful glowing skin. 



Now that you know what's in our new masks and how they work on your skin, it's time to get practical: relaxation! You probably know best what contributes to your personal Zen state. A sauna on a grey day. A relaxing bath (or footbath for those without a bathtub). Food porn on your plate. Sinking into a good film or the latest favourite book. Selfcare is so much more than just personal hygiene. It's a ritual that cares for your skin and caresses your soul. Sounds cheesy? It can be!

We have compared self-care routines in the NAYA team and collected them for you as inspiration:


Free the boobs, get rid of the bra! Get into your joggers or cosy bathrobe. Thick socks on - and get cozy!


For all of us, our self-care routine starts with cleansing our face. Most people allow themselves this special time out in the evening, so cleansing is the perfect start to get rid of the day's dirt and dust.


What would me-time be without a face mask? Unanimous team decision: we don't do things by halves. While our new masks are working on our clean faces, we soak in the bathtub, flip through magazines, watch our favourite series, meditate or splash our feet in the footbath.


With all this pampering, we still like to be efficient and wash off the mask directly in the shower or just in the bath.


Who knows the feeling of climbing into a newly made bed freshly showered? Just thinking about it gives me 100% comfy vibes. That's why I often treat myself to my me-time hour after I've tidied up the flat, cleaned and got the household ready. What could be better than relaxing fresh and clean in a tidy flat?


Your path to relaxation may look a little different from ours, but the important thing is that we all take the time to look after ourselves and put the rest of the world on "pause" for a moment. With the right equipment, the little home spa can work wonders. From the right routine for the small moments of relaxation in everyday life to an extensive ritual for your personal self-care time. And with our new masks, you're not only doing something good for your skin and soul, but also for the environment. Win, win, win, I would say. And now: Turn off the world, turn on Relax Mode and Mhhhhhh....

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