New Year. New Skincare Habits.

1. Jan 2023

Partake or not partake? 

Whether you partake in New Year's resolutions or not, the sense of renewal and fresh motivation that January brings is always the perfect time to introduce positive new habits.

Let your skincare regime be a part of these new habits for 2023. Here are our top tips for introducing, or invigorating, your new year skin rituals.

Set yourself up for success

Reduce your chances of falling short of your goals by putting systems in place that are achievable, according to your current lifestyle. For example, if you would describe yourself as low-maintenance or do not enjoy spending time on your skin, it may not be realistic to suddenly implement a 10-step skincare routine.

Create a ritual that suits your personal preferences and schedule, and most importantly, design a routine that you enjoy and makes you feel good. Selecting products that you love the texture of can maximise this, and keep you motivated to use them.

Take some of the work out

Modern lifestyles are busy, and it is all too common to go weeks without skincare when products run out and you can’t find time to replace them. This is why so many brands have established auto-renew product subscriptions. This allows you to select your frequency of delivery so that your favourite products can be automatically re-purchased and shipped to you on a regular basis, without you having to lift a finger. We have our own subscription service, so that you never have to go another day without your favourite skincare products.

Skincare is part of a larger wellbeing programme

Our society has been increasingly conscious of mental health and wellbeing for the past several years, and this has skyrocketed since the pandemic. Skincare rituals can be a calming and rewarding component of your health and wellness routines, as skin health is connected with our physical and mental activities in so many ways.

  • Perhaps you find yourself watching social media while you cleanse? Reduce your screen time by making your skincare routine a phone-free zone. Doing this immediately before bed can also improve your sleep quality.
  • Too busy with errands to care for your skin? Organise your living space or conduct your regular cleaning while you have your face mask on.
  • Find a physical activity you enjoy doing every week – this might be walking, yoga, swimming, CrossFit, gym classes, or riding a bike. Once you’ve completed your workout, follow it with a skin cleanse and serum/moisturiser application. This can significantly improve your skin’s health and function by removing bacteria which accumulates with sweat, and ensuring to replenish lost moisture.
  • If you already have your skincare routine down pat, take it to the next level by listening to a guided meditation throughout.

    These are just several of countless ways to link your New Year’s skin rituals with greater wellbeing.

    woman applying skincare on her face

    Restore over-indulgences

    The New Year period can come intrinsically with over-indulgences, with an abundance of celebrations, food, alcohol, and lack of physical activity taking its toll on the skin. But life is all about balance, so instead of applying unnecessary pressure to limit yourself, instead take a few steps to replenish your skin afterwards.

    The major concerns associated with the above, when it comes to the skin, is inflammation and free radicals. Address this by adding plenty of antioxidants into your routine, and apply our Everyday Glow Serum combined with Renew Cacay Oil + A after an indulgent day or night. 



    Another major skin concern around the silly season is dehydration, thanks to plenty of festive cocktails and time spent outdoors. In addition to using hydrating serums and barrier-repairing moisturisers, collagen supplements may provide the added support needed by those who find their current topical skincare is not quite enough. Research shows that collagen peptide supplements improve the skin’s hydration levels from the inside out, by increasing dermal production of glycosaminoglycans (our skin’s natural moisturising factor).

    woman rehydrating skin

    Boost your vitamins

    Our skin’s health and function can never be optimal without adequate levels of essential vitamins. We can also utilise these to address specific skin concerns, such as vitamin B to reduce inflammation and vitamin C to reduce pigmentation. For those currently taking, or planning to start, collagen supplements, skin vitamins can amplify your supplement’s outcomes even further as they act in synergy.

    Gone are the days of disappointing and unfulfilled New Year’s resolutions, especially those based on improving your skin.

    Taking control of your skin's health and tackling your concerns does not need to be an arduous process, and creating your ideal skin ritual could be easier than you think. The secret is making your skincare work for you, not against you.

    Add new steps in slowly, use products that you are excited to apply, and make the process simple by automating routines and seeking advice from experts. Take these steps with you into the new year, and watch your skin, mindset, and routine, flourish.


    We wish you a Happy New Year and all skin wellbeing in 2023!

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