The Seven Skin Method with Aura Essence

19. Jul 2022

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What is the Seven Skin Method ? 

Do you want bouncy, radiant and clear skin? Skin that is plumped up with hydration to each skin layer? Ever wondered what happens during a 90-minute facial and would like to have this every day?

Then keep reading. 

A beauty treatment that is coming from the Korean beauty industry. Once a secret but no longer. The Seven-skin Method. 

But what exactly is the Seven-Skin Method? But let's starts first to understand what essential an Essence is. As an Essence place a vital role in the Seven-skin method. 


What is an Essence

A staple in the sought after South Korean skincare routine, an Essence is your skin’s perfect drink of water. Ever heard how everyone says to drink a glass of water to get plum skin. No! For plum skin, you need to apply it where it is needed. On your skin.

An essence is not to be confused with a toner, as Essence synchronises several skincare steps whilst simultaneously setting the stage for the rest of your routine. Their primary function is to hydrate, but they are also packed with a highly concentrated level of active ingredients. Delivered via a low molecular weight, their magic reaches the depths of the epidermis to plump the skin from underneath as well as enhancing each step you decide to take afterwards. The Aura Essence has five different types of hyaluronic acid molecular while packed with a high level of actives to nourish and protect your skin's microbiome. 


How does the Seven-Skin Method Work

It starts from the premise that when you apply multiple products quickly one after another that product does not get properly absorbed by the skin and all the goodness evaporates filling the air around you. Bye bye actives! 

The idea of the Seven Skin method is that you give time to the skin to absorb multiple thinly applied layers one after another. As a result, that more of the product is being absorb giving the skin a Mini-Facial.  

This is one reason you walk out of your facial with glowing and healthy looking skin. As a facialist / esthetician apply multiple layers of different products onto your skin. They apply different types of technique such as massages, steam and others to deeply deliver the serum into the skin - giving the skin the change to drink up of all the product has to offer. This will result into the fact that your skin gets likely more during a facial than your everyday skincare routine. 

But why seven times?

This method aids your skin to drink up the actives by providing a robust delivery method of massaging the product into the skin. Instead of doing a quick 'slap slap slap' and done approach. If you then do this seven times, delivering the product deep into the skin by massage the product into the skin, the skin gets an increased amount of hydrating ingredients which gives your skin the 'just-got-a-facial-look'. 

Hydration is a key contributor to healthy looking skin. Ignore the glass of water and focus on what you apply to your skin as if the hydration levels are up on your skin, it creates a healthier skin environment for the skin's microbiome which ultimately lead to healthier skin cells. Overall, it is a win-win-win. 


How to Do the Seven-Skin Method

But why seven layers? Who has time to apply seven layers thinly onto the skin?

Firstly, this is you going above and beyond your daily skincare regime. This means that this isn't something you must do but it is more if you like to do category. And it is also very unique and various from skin to skin. The motto is - you need to try it. You might only do 3, 4 or 5 layers. But the matter of fact is, if it gives you that 'just-got-a-facial-glow' and it is far less money - what is holding you back to give this a try? And see how your skin response to the extra care.

Dry skin might start to feel plumber, mature skin's fine line may appear fewer, oily skin might appear less shiny - overall skin may appear healthier and more glowing.


How do I get started with the Seven-Skin Method?  

Step One: Cleanse your skin

Cleanse your face as you normally would.


Step Two: Pat Dry your skin (don't rub)

Pat face dry your skin. Avoid rubbing the face with your towel as you need it to be slightly damp. Thus, patting is the way forward. Apply your first layer thinly onto your skin. And why not use a few massage movements to give yourself a massage at the same time. You deserve it! 

No idea about massage movements? Head over to our Instagram page and check our our Reels for some tips. 

Step Three: Repeat

After the initial three layers, you can play around and assess if you like to stop or keep going. You can continue using your serum as your skin will now be nicely primed or you can seal it all in with your moisturiser of choice or face oil. During the summer months, especially those of you that suffer from oily skin, might actually not need anything else. As oily skin produces a higher level of sebum, the additional steps of an essence and repeating this a few times, might just be what your oily skin needs to bring it back into balance. 

Step Four: Learn, adjust and repeat

The idea behind the technique is to help your skin drink up the product, for it to deeply be absorbed by the skin. With each time you do this, learn and adjust to respond to your skin needs. You might only do this once a week, every other day, you might only apply 3-layers or 4 instead of seven. There is no right or wrong. And only what is good for your skin. For me personally, I end up doing the seven-skin method around 1-2 times a week. More often during the winter than during the summer as my skin is more irritated during the winter months due to the harsh wind and heating. But I tune in what my skin may need and adjust depending on how skin feels like. 

Find Your Ideal Number of Layers

What is the ideal number? There is no ideal number as everyone is unique. I have read before some people might do up to 10 layers. However, more isn't always better as too much can also irritate the skin. When using our Aura Essence, as it is such a potent formulation rich in many actives, you might find that it 3-layers will be absolutely sufficient for your skin. What I do do is that when I am going on a long-haul flight, I will do more layers to provide my skin with some cushion before entering a drying environment. And I will repeat this when I arrive on the other side. This has helped my skin a lot to feel balance and don't get irritated or even red. I encourage you to give this a try and explore how this feels to you. 

What to look out for

And this is important. Not every essence is suitable for the seven-skin method. Please avoid using toners with synthetic fragrances, high levels of essential oils, alcohol and have exfoliating properties. If you apply too high level of these type of toners onto your skin, it can cause your skin to aggravate and respond by developing redness, dry spots or blemishes. 


I hope you find this helpful. But if you have any other questions, please feel free to let us know. And do share with us your Seven Skin Experience! We look forward to hearing from you. 

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