How to create a Vision Board for 2022?

Dec 31, 2021

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Let's create a Vision Board for 2022

It’s unbelievable that yet another year is coming to the end. And with so much uncertainty floating about, keeping on track with our dreams and goals has never felt so important. To feel conntected to one owns truth and steady like a rock. But for most of us, turning our dreams into a reality may not be as simple as it sounds. Manifestation isn’t a quick ticket out and achieving our goals isn’t going to just happen overnight. Yet tuning into what we really want to achieve and working out how we can get there will help our manifestation become a reality. Most of us will still need to take plenty of active steps to achieve our dreams and goals. And this is where vision boards come in! Vision boards are great tools to help us stay on track and to continue to feel inspired and motivated. Here at NAYA, we want to support and motivate all of you on your journeys to achieving your dreams. We have put together a short guide on how to make a digital vision board for 2022 and we hope you will find it inspiring.



Before we get stuck in with vision board ideas and examples, what exactly is a vision board, I hear you ask? Creating a vision board can be seen as a wonderful brainstorming exercise that can help you to express your aspirations. Think of a mood board, with images and colour-scheme pallets for the redecoration of your house. A vision board is similar, but the board reflects images, quotes and concepts related to your desired life direction. A vision board is essentially a visual representation of your goals and things you would like to accomplish.

The more traditional vision board is made with an actual cork or poster board. Images, sketches, quotes and cuttings are pinned or pasted to the board. The board can be displayed on s wall in your home, although they can also sometimes end up in a cupboard! This is where the concept of digital vision boards is an absolute game-changer. Digital vision boards are created on websites or apps and have multiple benefits to the old-fashioned, clunky cork-board concept. Using a digital platform means your vision board is essentially free to create – no arts and crafts bits needed! It’s also quicker, and can be done from anywhere. Think long train journeys, or in a cosy corner of your favourite café. Having your vision board accessible at the tips of your fingers is also far more convenient, and means you can edit and change your board on the go. It also doesn’t take up any physical space in your home, which is a real plus, especially for city-dwellers.

There are really no rules when comes to creating a digital vision board. Some may focus on a single idea or step, and others may take a more generalised view of what you want your life to look like. Some people opt for themes or categories to focus on.



After such an unpredictable and turbulent few years, most of us will have experienced some anxiety, confusion or sadness. Creating a vision board focussed on improving or maintaining our wellbeing can be a really nurturing activity to undertake. Wellbeing is all-encompassing and also an entirely individual concept. What constitutes your wellbeing is personal to you, and your vision board can be a great place to begin exploring this. You could focus more on physical health by starting exercise classes and having a nutritional plan. You could also combine this with starting a journaling practice or seeing a therapist. A vision board is a great place for you to evaluate the different areas in your life. You can then identify the areas where you would like to make some positive changes.

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A financial vision board can help you to visualise and achieve your monetary goals. From starting a savings plan, to paying off your mortgage, or increasing your monthly income, visioning can really help keep you motivated. You could include images of things you are aspiring to purchase or pay-off, such as your dream home or holiday. Equally, you can use charts or graphs to track your progress or yearly projections. Either way, crunching the numbers, reflecting on your work/life balance, and keeping goals at the forefront are important to finding happiness.


Visioning different relationships in your life could mean focusing on your relationship with a partner, friends, family, or with yourself. You could decide to be kinder to yourself, take more time out, or put in emotional boundaries if you are feeling drained. Establishing life goals with a partner is also a great activity to undertake together to make sure you are both on the same page. Improving relationships with family members and planning events or trips together could also formulate part of your relationship vision board.

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Working towards a promotion or visualising a change of career altogether could be perfect for formulating a career vision board. Working out what you really want from your job and colleagues can help you to identify your needs. Whether it’s a new project you want to initiate or a conversation you want to have with your boss, visioning your goals and ideas can be a great place to start.

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Although everyone’s safe place will be different, finding a spot where you can relax and reflect is super important. If you’re at home, de-clutter your space, light a candle, or play some relaxing or much-loved music. You could start with a meditation, or do some yoga stretches to get yourself in the creative zone. If you choose to be outside, pick a spot you love in nature or in your favourite café or reading space.


Spend some time jotting down, drawing or thinking what you really need and want. You can ask yourself questions, such as what do I want to accomplish? What do I want to feel? And what is a priority right now? This can help you to narrow down lots of thoughts into specific aims, goals or priorities.


There are plenty of digital platforms out there offering you the opportunity to create a vision board that’s just right for you and your needs. We’ve checked out a few of them and have listed a few here that we love! Feel free to play around with a couple and get to know their features until you find the one that’s right for you.



1. It’s free forever!

2. Has a variety of easy-to-use vision board templates and you can also create your own from scratch using a grid.

3. You can add audio.

4. They have a library of graphics and images you can use and you can also add your own.

5. You can download your vision board and use it as a wallpaper for your phone or tablet.



1. It’s free to create!

2. It has a selection of great professional templates but you can also use and create your own.

3. You can create a vision board in 3 easy steps.

4. You can print your vision board out on high quality paper through the site and it will be delivered straight to your door.



1. Offers a free trial so you can try out it’s features and then uses a subscription model.

2. Offers cloud storage features.

3. Has loads of beautiful vision board templates.

4. Offers lots of their own filters and effects.


You can really let your creativity flow here in choosing images that are representative of you and your ideas. You can opt for photographs, cartoons, abstract drawings, or even create your own sketches and upload them. There are plenty of royalty-free image library’s available online, or you could use photographs taken by friends or family. You can write a heading or summary of what each image symbolises or represents for you, or try grouping images together under themes or create links between images. You can create a folder on your laptop, tablet or phone with an image library and then select the images that speak to you the most.



Not all of you may want to add text to your vision board and just using images may be the way forward for you. But adding inspirational quotes, bullet-pointed aims, or snippets from songs or poetry can help knit your feelings and dreams together. Again, you can come up with things yourself or access quotes and text online.


There is no right way to do this, and the real magic of vision boards is that they are all totally unique! Try experimenting with different layouts, grids or themes. Digital platforms are fab as you can move things around as much as you like without getting in too much of a mess. Remember, this vision board is for Y.O.U and should be a true expression of yourself. As your ideas change or develop over time you can create new boards and keep them in a folder together. That way you can see how much you have changed and progressed, and can always refer back to them to keep yourself inspired.

Happy visioning for the New Year!

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