The Foundational Four from NAYA

Jan 26, 2023

The Foundational Four Inside the NAYA portfolio

The anchoring pieces of a foundational skincare regime should feel timeless, suitable for everyday use and support your skin barrier. As a healthy skin barrier, is glowing skin. Hence we don't chase after trends at NAYA. We study and review each ingredient we consider formulating into a product.

Here, the five foundational everyday skincare staples inside the NAYA portfolio.


No. 1. The Cleanser

In your bathroom cabinet there are certain pieces that should feel timeless and act as a tool utilized in countless ways. For example, a simple black long-sleeved sweater can be worn alone or layered under a vest, over a dress, just with a leggings etc. A high-quality cleansing oil with the right ingredients your need to receive a proper clean without any irritants. This will provide you with a strong foundation to your skincare regime. If you already start with a skincare that has irritants such as essential oils, alcohol, silicones you already putting your skin on its back foot and your skin will need to work even harder to recover. And will also not be able to take on all the beautiful ingredients that will follow. 


No. 2. The Serum

You all know by now, I love serums. I would write an ode to them if I could write an ode. Serums acts as an anchoring point in your skincare. It provides you with specific ingredients to help and support your skin looks the best. To provide timeless wellbeing for your skin and address specific skin concerns.  It can be that one product that ties the entire skincare routine together, or the one pop needed to elevate your everyday minimalistic skincare. The Everyday Glow Serum contains actives to energise your skin. It is the basics. If your own skincare functions don't work properly, it doesn't matter how much you spend on your skincare. You need to support your skin's ability to renew itself. Instead of causing more stress. 


No. 3 The Cream

The Serum is typically not as rich in fatty acids and has a lighter consistency. That's when your new layer is important. protective layers will get the support it needs. A Day cream is an important investment, picking one that will withstand environmental stressors crucial for your skin to thrive. The day cream soft touch will cover the skin in a velvety feel while it provides it with protection and prevents from external stressors such as sun exposure, pollution and overall our hectic lifestyle creating pre-mature ageing. Many creams in the market are filled with waxes and low quality oils that clog the pores and don't add value to your foundational everyday skincare. At NAYA, we of course, don't do things half-hearted and made sure the Day Cream has an oompfh and supports everything following the Glow Serum. 

 Skincare barrier

No. 4 The Oil 

Beautiful oils can offer so much to the everyday skincare, not only does it provide additional fatty acids but occlusive oils also seal in all the actives you carefully applied to your skin. At NAYA, we don't believe in Skin types. Please don't buy based on a skin type. Learn what your skin needs are. Depending on your living conditions, lifestyle, how you live, seasons etc you need a little richer or not as rich cream. That's why Oil can play a great roll, to add more fatty acids to your regime - in particular during the winter months

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