Merry Christmas From NAYA !

17. Dez 2022

christmas 2022

Christmas is only a week away! Time to slow down the pace of the year that has flown by and make time for the things and people we love. To recharge our batteries. And to prepare ourselves for festive feasting, biscuit battles and just feasting. As a skincare brand, we are of course aware of the extra challenge our skin always faces towards the end of the year. Sugar, alcohol and a rather unbalanced diet, combined with the stress experienced beforehand and perhaps a short night or two around the holidays.

But it is also perfectly normal and nice to have a few days of carefree eating, laughing, sitting together for a long time and enjoying every biscuit and every sip of mulled wine with the people you love. Balance is the keyword and without (festive) days like these, life would only be half as nice.

That's why we would like to give you a little insight into the traditions and little Christmas joys of our founder Sarah this year. And to keep your skin in balance during this time, we'll also tell you our tips for keeping your skin healthy and lively over the holidays.

 sparkling lights

Tradition at Sarah's Family Home

After all these years, the traditions from childhood still remain with us. We children (all grown up and moved out) are not allowed in the living room during the day on the 24th (because the Christ Child brings the presents). Towards evening, we meet in the kitchen room. Then suddenly a bell rings and the light in the living room goes on. Only then do we all go into the living room. Everyone takes time to hug the others one by one and say what they are thankful for and what they wish him/her for the next year. It's beautiful every year again.

My skincare tip for the holidays:

My first tip

Actually, this tip applies to the whole year. But with sugar treats and too much indulging, face cleansing becomes even more important. Because a good cleanse lays the foundation for clear pores, a strengthened protective barrier and a stable moisture balance. That's why I love the cleansing oil. It offers gentle but thorough cleansing and frees the pores from excess sebum and dead skin cells. At the same time, it doesn't dry out the skin and put extra stress on it. This allows the following routine steps to work wonderfully.


My second tip

I love the antioxidant defence booster, especially for special occasions. It gives the skin a wonderful glow! In addition, the Vitamin C contained - a very strong antioxidant - works against oxidative stress and gives stressed skin a break. And it is perfect when combined with the Everyday Glow Serum! No better treat to get the Glow for Christmas then those two combined. 

My third tip

Fresh air and digestive walks. It's simply good to get out and breathe in between. And not only for the skin, but also for the entire body. A winter walk stimulates the circulation and clears the mind a little. Just wrap up well so that you don't get cold, especially on your head. In very cold temperatures, I spread a few drops of Cacay Beauty Oil on my facial skin beforehand to protect it.

 christmas dinner decoration


We use the days off to review the year, recharge our batteries and enjoy the festive season. We hope you have a great time, relax and start your new year with contentment.

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!


Your NAYA Team



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