Mature skin

Mature skin

What means mature skin?

Mature skin is a skin condition that we all eventually reach. Some earlier, some later. When your skin starts showing the first signs of aging depends on many different factors. For example, from your genes and hormones, but also from your lifestyle and diet. And, of course, the way you deal with the sun’s rays.

How do you take care of your mature skin?

Our tips for mature skin

Tip No 01: Vitamin Boost.

Your needs with the essential vitamins A, C, and E that you can get. They protect against inflammatory reactions and free radicals. With the Glow Serum you give your skin new freshness and prevent wrinkles. Combine it with our Antioxidant Defence Booster to brighten pigment spots.

Tip No 02: Support your skin in regeneration.

Especially recommended is retinol, which can even stop the skin aging process. This allows you to feel how your skin structure is rebuilding and so you can support your skin in regeneration and cell renewal. Apply natural, regenerating and well-tolerated ingredients to your skin.

Tip No 03: Humidity.

The in-house production of hyaluronic acid decreases over the years and matureskin quickly loses moisture. Gives your skin moisture with a hydration mask. This way, it is filled with moisture from the inside and becomes noticeably firmer and plump.

Tip No 04: Protect your skin.

When the first signs of skin aging become visible various by individual. Support your skin early with sun protection, antioxidants and sufficient moisture. Our Glow Serum will help you with this.

Our Recommendations for mature skin

Hydration Mask

Give your skin a moisture boost to plump up fine lines and wrinkles naturally.

Everyday Face Oil

Rich moisturizer with Cacay oil and bisabolol.

Cacay Oil + A

Protects, regenerates and moisturises your skin.

Everyday Day Cream

Use the Day Cream as a moisturiser for face, décolleté and the eye area.