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    Natural-Biocompatible Skincare products. Good for you. Good for the planet. 

    Award-winning, performance-orientated skincare for sensitive skin that is committed to our planet. Get gorgeous skin with natural-biocompatible skincare that works without compromise. Elevate your Everyday with NAYA®️. Vegan botanicals • Fair Trade • Regenerative Farming • Traceability • Science-based.

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    Aura Hydration Essence
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    Botanical Deodorant Cream
    Best Seller
    Everyday Glow Serum
    Naturkosmetik Naya Hydration Mask - vegan
    Hydration Mask
    Naya Naturkosmetik Everyday Cleansing Oil - vegan
    Everyday Cleansing Oil
    Everyday Day Cream
    Best Seller
    Naturkosmetik Naya Everyday Face Oil - bio und vegan
    Everyday Face Oil
    Naya Cacay Oil + A - vegane hautpflege
    Cacay Oil + A
    Naya Antioxidant Defence Booster - vegan und wasserfrei
    Antioxidant Defence Booster
    100% Pure
    NAYA Cacay Beauty Oil
    Your Everyday
    3 Step Everyday Cacay Collection
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    Think Green!
    Naturkosmetik Naya Everyday Day Cream Refill
    Everyday Day Cream Refill
    Think Green!
    Naturkosmetik Naya Glow Serum Refill - vegan
    Everyday Glow Serum Refill
    Best Seller
    Naya Everyday Cleansing Oil Refill - bio und vegan
    Everyday Cleansing Oil Refill
    Think Green!
    Naturkosmetik Naya Everyday Face Oil Refill - vegan
    Everyday Face Oil Refill
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    NAYA Everyday Essential Kit
    New !
    Reusable Organic Cotton Face Pads - NAYA
    Reusable Organic Cotton Face Pads
    10ml Size !
    Everyday Day Cream Mini
    10ml Size !
    Everyday Glow Serum Mini
    10ml Size !
    Everyday Face Oil Mini
    10ml Size !
    Everyday Cleansing Oil Mini
    Best Together!
    Naya Renew Flawless Glow Duo - vegan
    Renew Flawless Glow Duo
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    Best Together!
    Naturkosmetik Naya Glowy Super Duo - vegan
    Naya Glowy Super Duo für strahlende Haut
    Glowy Super Duo
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    Naya Amethyst Gua Sha - ein tägliches Ritual
    Naya Amethyst Gua Sha - hochwertig und hangemacht
    Amethyst Gua Sha
    Naya Dry Facial Brush - nachhaltige Produktion
    Naya Dry Facial Brush - vegan and plastic-free
    The 100% Vegan Facial Dry Brush
    Naturkosmetik Naya Gift Card
    NAYA Gift Card
    from €10,00
    Cosmetic Application Spoon