Dry skin

Dry skin

What means dry skin?

Your skin needs you. Dry skin is also referred to as a low-fatty-acid skin condition. It is usually also called problem skin, sensitive or sensitive skin. A greatly reduced sebum production makes the protective hydrolipid film of your skin unstable, as the water-binding property of the sebum is missing. That’s why your dry skin is often fine-pored, thin, scaly and also rough. And because it is so thin, it is also very sensitive.

How do you take care of your dry skin?

Our tips for dry skin

Tip No 01: Avoid water

Less is definitely more here for your skin. Therefore, it is only enough to wash your skin in the evening before bed with a cleansing oil, for example. In the morning, a micellar water is enough.

Tip No 02: Use cold water.

Generally, the rule applies – don’t wash your skin with too hot water. But especially with your skin condition, warm water on the face should be avoided to best use cold water.

Tip No 03: Blend oil with your cream.

Oils that you integrat in your skin care can take over the function of the missing skin slet and can thereby support your protective film and place a supple film on your skin. Use our Everyday Face oil pure or drip 1-2 pairs of droplets into everyday day cream.

Tip No 04: Use UV protection

Sun dries out the skin. An already dry skin, reacts more strongly to the sun. Therefore, it is best to always use an SPF of at least 30 with rich ingredients.

Our Recommendations for dry skin

Aura Hydration Essence

Replenish your hydration and balance your microbiome to strengthen your skin barrier. 

Everyday Face Oil

Your skin needs lipids as sebum production is throttled.

Everyday Cleansing Oil

Avoid water-based cleaners and integrate a cleaning oil with natural oils.

Everyday Day Cream

Moisturizer for face and décolleté with active blue light protection.