12 Reasons Why We Love Dry Brushing

Oct 18, 2021

Dry Brushing

12 Reasons why we love Facial Dry Brushing

Facial Dry brushing for health, wellbeing and beautiful skin. Dry brushing is a grooming ritual that is becoming increasingly popular. And for good reason: The treatment is easy, quick to carry out and the reward is immediate. Immediately after brushing you will feel wonderfully refreshed and your energy level rises from “another coffee, please!”

No 1 Facial Dry Brushing is an ancient Ayurvedic application

Dry brushing is not a new invention, but a reinvention. It is perhaps the oldest wellness treatment in the world. Daily brushing, also known as “gharsana”, is one of the most important applications in the more than 5,000 year old Indian teaching of Ayurveda. The aim of dry brushing in Ayurveda is to move the lymph fluid towards the heart. This is intended to guide stored toxins and metabolic waste into the liver and kidneys and ultimately drain them away.

In the middle of the 19th century, the well-known naturopath Sebastian Kneipp made the simple application known in Germany. He recommended dry brushing, especially in the cold season, to strengthen the immune system and prevent flu-like infections.

No 2 Vigorous facial dry brushing promotes blood circulation

Dry brushing has numerous positive effects on the skin, health and general wellbeing. Even while you are brushing your blood circulation is kick starting again. A pleasant tingling sensation spreads throughout the body – almost like when your body has fallen asleep and the leg or arm wakes up again. It feels renewed and refreshed.

No 3 Facial Dry brushing stimulates the lymphatic system

At the same time, the even brushing towards the heart vigorously stimulates the lymphatic system. Our lymphatic system functions, so to speak, as our body’s detox agent and diligently removes toxins. If it doesn’t work properly, fluid can build up under the skin and what is known as lymphatic congestion can occur.

No 4 Lymph drainage against cellulite

Regular dry brushing acts like a light lymphatic drainage and can help the blocked lymph flow again unhindered. By stimulating the lymphatic system, it may also be possible to alleviate existing cellulite somewhat: If you brush daily, the connective tissue often appears a little tighter and firmer again after a few weeks.

The positive effect of lymphatic drainage on cellulite has even been scientifically proven: A study from 2009 with 60 women shows that cellulite can be reduced by both simple massage and manual lymphatic drainage.

However, don’t expect a miracle from dry brushing as pronounced cellulite can unfortunately not simply be brushed away.

No 5 Facial Dry brushing as an effective skin peeling

The strong natural bristles also act like a strong peeling and gently but effectively rid your body of dead skin. The underlying skin can breathe again and the production of new skin cells is stimulated; the skin is soft to the touch and looks like new.

NAYA Dry Facial Brush

No 6 The dry brush massage releases new energy

Facial Dry brushing is especially ideal for those who don’t like the morning, because applied immediately after getting up, it releases new energies and helps to start the day more easily. And that without giving yourself a coffee-hang-over. Once you get the intense freshness kick from brushing you won’t be able to live without it anymore.

No 7 How long shall I dry brush my skin for

Just a few minutes of dry brush massage per day are enough for the treatment to develop its positive effects. Five minutes is ideal, but an express massage lasting two to three minutes can already have beneficial effects. Experts agree that the best time for dry brushing is in the morning, because the treatment is stimulating and energizing. It is best to massage before showering, because then you can easily wash off the flaked skin.

No 8 What kind of pressure shall I apply

When you start dry brushing, you should start your massage with very light pressure. If you notice that you need “a little more”, you can increase the pressure level at any time. After the massage, the skin may be slightly red, but it shouldn’t appear scratched, because then you have pressed too hard. Over time you will find out how much pressure is best for you.

No 9 How to brush properly – the exact instructions for dry brushing

The simple rule of thumb for dry brushing is to always stroke towards your heart. If you follow this principle, you can hardly go wrong with your massage. You always start the massage on the parts of the body that are furthest away from your heart.

No 10 Which bristles are right for you

There are three types of bristles: synthetic bristles made from nylon, natural bristles made from animal hair and natural bristles made from plant fibers. Many experts recommend brushing with natural bristles, as these are particularly gentle on the skin. We are using 100% plant-based fibers, no plastic, cruelty-free & vegan. They have been imitated to feel and look like goat hair but are 100% plant-based!

The bristle hardiness is a matter of preference but also depending where you use the brush. On your legs, bum or arms or on your face. We tend to use a softer bristles for our face to be less invasive. The idea is to provide a gentle exfoliation as well as face massage without having a negative impact on your skin barrier. Also we recommend using this for the décolleté. The skin here is much thinner than on other areas of your body thus softer bristles are more suitable to use on the more sensitive areas.

No 11 How to properly care for your dry brushing

Proper care of your brush is important because natural materials are very delicate. It is therefore sufficient to simply tap the brush briefly on a hard, flat surface after each use to remove flakes of skin. Please do not wash your brush as it can dry out the delicate natural bristles and damage it beyond repair. If water will ever come onto the bristles, air dry it with the bristles facing down so the water doesn’t run into the wooden body. The brush should also not be near heat sources such as the heater, because otherwise the wood can crack. Always keep your brush in a dry place and never by the edge of the bathtub, as damp wood can cause mould to grow.

No 12 Who is dry brushing for

The good news: dry brushing is not only incredibly easy and effective, it is also suitable for almost everyone. Those who suffer from severe morning fatigue, swollen legs or weak connective tissue can particularly benefit. The massage may only be used on healthy skin. If you suffer from acute skin diseases or sunburn, you should avoid dry brushing.

I hope you will enjoy our sustainably produced Facial Dry Brush  – a piece from nature – and if you have any questions, please give us a shout!


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