4 Steps to prepare your skin for autumn

Oct 10, 2021
Autumn Skin

4 Steps to prepare your skin for autumn

Dry skin, pale complexion? If you want to have glowing & youthful looking skin all year around, you have to adapt your skin care to the season.

The tan has slowly faded and the change of seasons is weary.  This is why the skin often looks pale and has poor blood circulation. Our skin needs different things depending on the season and especially after a warm summer your skin struggles with the change to a colder and windier environment in autumn. Cooler temperatures and dry air can remove moisture from the skin. But a few adjustments will ensure that your complexion survives and your natural and youthful glow maintained.

So what helps? 

Peeling and Masks

The gray haze is softened by a gentle peeling or a mask – they remove dead skin cells,  make the complexion appear clearer and finally make the skin more receptive to subsequent actives. Rely on gentle peelings and choose one with particularly small peeling pearls to avoid stressing the surface of the skin further. Alternatively, you can enjoy our Vegan Facial Dry Brush for a very gentle peeling to remove any dead skin cells. If you don’t enjoy peelings you can also use our Hydration Mask to boost the hydration in your skin cells during the change in season. When removing the mask as you gently rub off the mask instead of washing it off you can gently peel off the dead skin cells to reveal a rejuvenated glow.


Nourishing and antioxidant rich serums shall not be missed which are ideally applied with circular, massaging movements providing the skin with new energy. Enriched with active ingredients such as vitamins, Hyaluronic acid, Antioxidants such as Niacinamide, vitamin C  or Centella Asiatica extracts, they ensure a fresher and firmer complexion. You can apply our Everyday Glow Serum providing you with a nourishing base of botanical extracts and oils as well as a clever Glow Complex to re-energise your skin cells. You can combine this with our vitamin c based powder – Our Antioxidant Defence Booster. 

Creams and Face oils

If you had light gels or fluids on your shelf and you enjoyed those during the summer month, it is now also time to up the fatty acids in your skincare products.  This is especially important when the temperatures drop below eight degrees, because then the skin’s own fat production runs slow and is no longer sufficient to protect your skin barrier. You are exposed to dry heating air and cold outside temperatures virtually defenceless losing more hydration than your skin prefers. However, even if you like to quickly react and get those thicker nourishing creams and oils on your face avoid to change your skincare overnight.  Better to test the richer day creams at night first and slowly adjust it. Because if the changeover is too fast, the skin can overreact and respond with impurities. You can explore our face oil range and Everyday Day Cream. Learn more about creams and face oils in our article face creams vs face oils

Re-Balancing Cleansers

Finally, It is important to change the cleanser.  In summer it is advisable to use a product with an antibacterial effect, as the extra oil production caused by the warm temperatures needs to be kept in check.  In autumn, the complexion becomes more sensitive and more prone to irritation, which is why a gentler method is necessary. Look for a mild cleansing milk or a cleansing oil that does not contain alcohol.  Alcohol would dry out the already dry skin even more.  Alcohol-free products, on the other hand, leave residual oil on the skin protect the skin barrier from the harsher winds. The best option is cleansing oils as they provide the fatty acids that the skin now needs. 

Nice side effect: Small wrinkles are often reduced by such an intensive care program. The perfect start for autumn skin care.

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