The 4-2-4 Method - Magic Touch for your skin

Feb 4, 2022

Do you massage your skin?

Massage is an essential part of your skincare toolkit. That does not cost a penny. Only your time. At NAYA, we believe it is a necessary element of a good skin care routine. In fact, the application of our skincare products is as important as the products we apply to our skin. We are such believers, in fact, that we apply an entire skincare ritual—The 4-2-4 Method—based on massage principles of stimulating blood and lymph circulation.


Take 10! A beautiful ritual to take a moment to reconnect with yourself when you get home from work. Start a new chapter in your day by performing this 10-minute treatment.

It is a wonderful and easy method anyone can incorporate into their Everyday Skincare Ritual year-round. I find it particularly helpful when it comes to the dryness and dehydration that plagues winter skin. Massage can counteract that challenge and could be a new toolkit in your Everyday skincare ritual. Today, it is a known fact that massage moves blood and oxygen through our system as well as unblock trapped energy. If you perform a massage daily, it can increase the skin's ability to absorb hydration and maintain moisture levels. Giving you a wonderful reason to take 10! for yourself to give yourself a nice face massage when you get home after a busy day at work. 

The benefits of facial massage are manifold. It feels good on your skin, but also on your mental wellbeing. The simple touch and strokes giving yourself some self-love. But also the physiological benefits have been proven. On the outer level of the skin, the massage increases the thickness of the skin barrier, increases the skin hydration and also helps to the shed the corneocyte. "Massage of untreated skin increased the SCT significantly by 17%, and skin hydration caused an increase in SCT by 24%. The hydration of skin was expected to cause a swelling of the SC because it can be expected that the water penetrates into the SC." 


Your Everyday evening routine with NAYA

There are not many people that don't want to have a plump, hydrated and glowing skin. So assuming you want to get the NAYA Glow and increase your moisture level as well as oxygenate your skin, why not try the following. Any facial oils and if you want to have an upgrade, in combination with a gua sha, can provide a beautiful massage. If you like to go a level deeper, try the 4-2-4 Method. We have adopted this ancient method slightly for you to suit to a new everyday that we have evolved into. It is known as the 4-2-4 Method but for the extra boost of hydration in particular during the winter months, we would recommend you trying this alternative version of to 4-2-4 Method. 


I'd do this massage when I get home or when I want to start the next chapter in my day: my evening ritual. Allowing me to disconnect from anything that has happened during the day. Apply a few pumps of Everyday Cleansing Oil rich in Cacay Oil to your palms and massage it onto your skin and embrace the moment. Do this for four minutes. Firstly massage your face really well with the Everyday Cleansing Oil. Then add a bit of water to your finger tips and emulsify the product. Massage your face before you rinse it all off with cold water. Literally cleansing the day away. Finally, apply a couple of pumps of Aura and start to massage Aura into your skin for two minutes. Then finally take a few pumps of the Cacay Beauty Oil and use our Gua Sha to enjoy a four minute Gua Sha massage before you continue with your evening ritual. 


What is 4-2-4 Method? 

The 4-2-4 method basically entails four minutes of massaging your face with a cleansing oil, two minutes of massaging Aura Hydration Essence and then massaging for four minutes with an oil and if you like with a gua sha. It is an adoption of the Japanese 4-2-4 method that we alternated to meet our demands of today. "The 4-2-4 method basically entails four minutes of massaging your face with a cleansing oil, two minutes of massaging with a water-based cleanser (preferably creamy), then two minutes of rinsing with warm water and two minutes with cold water." 

The 4-2-4 method should ideally be done before bedtime. But it can be done Everyday as part of your Everyday evening skincare ritual. Poor circulation is the reason behind most of our skin issues, like dryness and acne. We sometimes just pile up one product after another and the congestion may hold back their effectiveness. This is why we also only using one cleanser as there is no need to apply two. We want to simply and also demystify and detox the over-usage of products and the confusion around it. This method allows the skin to look healthy and plump.


Why not give it a try and let us know what you think? 

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