Facial Tools 101: How to add tools into your everyday skincare

Nov 12, 2021
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Facial Tools 101: How to add tools into your everyday skincare

Once upon a time, facials and fancy skin treatments were limited to spas and skin clinics. With the pandemic over the last year and still ongoing with many spas and skin clinics closed, we see an increase in at-home facials. Therefore, producing advanced results at home has never been more accessible, with the growing popularity of facial rollers, brushes and other tools.

Facial rollers are most commonly used to enhance blood circulation and keep fluid flowing underneath the skin. We’re used to hearing about the lymphatic system in connection with illness, but a buildup of lymph fluid can also show up on your face as a myriad of issues, such as dull, puffy or inflamed skin, which is what these tools are designed to combat. They occupy a space between the trending self-care and skincare movements. And while each boasts its own individual benefits, at the very least, they provide that bit of much-needed separation from the rest of your day.

Let’s look at the following facial tools that we also use at NAYA HQ.


Gua sha comes from the Chinese word for “scraping,” and traditionally has been used in Eastern medicine for relieving muscle tension and moving qi (energy) around the body. It has become popular as a facial massage tool used for boosting circulation and decreasing puffiness. Similar to many self-care tools of late, we offer a Gua Sha made of using Amethyst, a stone associated to calm anxiety and de-stress. Use the gua sha once or twice a week, employing gentle sweeping motions outward toward the edges of your face and neck.

NAYA tip: make the facial massage with the gua sha a little ritual. I love placing the gua sha into the fridge before I use it. It provides a cooling sensation under the eyes or when having a tension headache and can provide some relieve. It nicely helps to de-puff your eyes.



Dry brushing is designed to combat lymphatic stagnation (read: dullness, puffiness, acne) by stimulating and flushing lymph fluid. Our Vegan & Plastic-Free Facial Dry Brush is made of sustainable wood and using plant-based bristles, imitating goat’s hair, which is especially soft on skin. It’s recommended to dry brush each morning on a fresh face before cleansing. You can find an easy-to-follow video tutorial to follow along with for the correct technique.

NAYA tip: make the facial massage with the facial dry brush a little ritual. Set some nice intentions for the day or with conscious breathing. You can also use our Facial Dry Brush as a peeling tool and replace aha or bha masks.




They too have taken the beauty sphere by storm.  Jade rollers are used as much for relaxation as they are for soothing, calming and de-puffing skin. The stone naturally stays cool, which helps to ease irritation and redness when used in a gliding motion upwards and outwards towards the edges of your face. You can use a jade roller after your nightly skin-care routine, and particularly nicely to use after the device has been stored in the fridge for while giving a calming & cooling effect.

A face roller can be used safely  – if your skin is not hypersensitive and reacts to every contact with redness.

The cooling effect of the face roller and the gentle massage stimulate the microcirculation in the finest blood vessels in the skin, so that the cells are better supplied with blood and thus better supplied with nutrients and oxygen. It has not been established whether they improve the absorption of cosmetics. What is certain, however, is that most people find the facial roller to be pleasant on the skin, which increases their sense of wellbeing.

Guide the face roller from the center of the face outwards to the ear and from the chin down the neck towards the cleavage. You can use the roller to gently massage your skin care products into your skin after cleansing. To do this, put some of your favorite serum or face oil – for example our Glow Serum or Aura Hydrating Essence – on the skin and gently run the roller over the skin. Only use the beauty roller on clean skin and clean the roller thoroughly after each use.

NAYA tip: make the facial massage with the facial roller a little ritual. Maybe with a nice scented candle, with positive affirmations that you recite to yourself or with conscious breathing. In this way, you can turn the care routine into a relaxing me-time and actively contribute to the breakdown of stress hormones, which can lead to inflammation in the body and also affect the skin if their level is permanently too high.

Be careful not to massage the skin with too much pressure. In addition, the beauty roller glides better over the skin if a skin care product has been applied beforehand.


Derma Roller



Kim Kardashian is not entirely uninvolved in the hype surrounding what is probably the prickliest beauty tool of all of them  – microneedling. When she presented the result of the so-called vampire lifting on Instagram a few years ago, her bloody face initially caused a moment of shock. In professional microneedling, small injuries are inflicted on the skin with an electric handpiece that is fitted with many small needles made of surgical steel. The micro-injuries stimulate the skin’s regeneration process and the collagen production in the skin should also be stimulated.

DIY needle rollers for home microneedling are less effective than medical microneedling because the needles don’t get as deep into the skin. In addition, Micro-injuries should be carried out by trained specialists, with DIY use without gloves and a sufficiently sterile procedure there is a risk of contamination and contamination of the tools.” And there are no germs in the skin good idea. Therefore: Thoroughly disinfect the needle rollers before and after each use or go straight to an expert.

For insensitive skin, gently roll over the face according to the instructions. Thoroughly clean the needle roller before and after DIY microneedling and only use it on skin that has been thoroughly cleaned.

Please do not “roll” over your face with strong pressure. Anyone who has rosacea, acne or other skin diseases should only watch microneedling videos on the Internet and may consider giving this trend a miss.


I look at my health and thus also that of my skin from a more holistic point of view – pure and well-tolerated skincare, a balanced and anti-inflammatory diet, healthy food for my mind, relaxing exercises and lots of time spend in nature.

Beauty tools like a facial brush or roller can add something additional to your beauty regime and your wellbeing. Beauty from inside and out. While there are no scientific proofs of the usage of these tools – it is not always about the science but how you feel using these beauty skincare tools. Simply because it is fun to bring a breath of fresh air into your daily routine – and skin care should bring joy.

Maybe I can inspire you to look at the care of your skin from such a comprehensive perspective and to look at your daily beauty ritual like from a holistic view.


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