How to Get Glowing Skin with NAYA

Oct 7, 2021

Get Glowing Skin with NAYA


Get the NAYA Glow

Ask about anyone these days and they will tell you that their number one beauty goal they thrive for is to achieve this Glow. Some brands even promise you the Über-Glow – with a response of mine that I just shake my end in complete despair at such clear non-sense. What does this even mean? But back to the topic. People don’t simply want to Glow. As they can achieve this by covering themselves with iridescent powder, shimmering highlighter, or illuminating primer. While this helps considerably that is not what we look for. We are talking about the lit-from within Glow – that natural glow that surrounds you that is only enhanced by the skincare products they use. And not the layers of make-up.

However, enhancing products can only do so much if the skin itself isn’t well looked after or the customer doesn’t know how to look after their skin –  whether they ave dry and textured skin, the skin is a little washed out, or they are suffering from a little unevenness in tone. Think of it this way: your skincare routine is like a house—you can paint the walls and arrange the furniture any way you want, but if the foundation isn’t solid, your decor is never going to shine and underline your own beautiful glow.

The natural Glowing complexion is the most essential and we’re here to tell you exactly how to get it and to help you maintain it.




Like dust on a polished surface, old, dead skin cells can make even the dewiest skin look dull and decidedly un-lustrous. Thus exfoliating can help brighten the skin by sloughing these dead cells away.

There are basically two kinds of exfoliants: chemical and physical. Physical slough away old cells with gritty substances and a touch of elbow grease, whereas chemical exfoliate use dead skin cell-melting substances like glycolic or lactic acids to unstick stubborn cells. Both types can prove effective. We introduced our Vegan Dry Facial Brush to gently provide your skin with a massage and slough away any dead skin cells. It is gentle enough to not be to immersive for your skin and still effective to unveil the glow underneath the dust of skin cells.




Another villain in a dull complexion is unevenness. Dermatologists swear by retinol and other retinoids, which are forms of vitamin A that encourage your skin to speed up its natural turnover. Faster cell turnover leads to more collagen, the springy framework that keeps young skin plump and glowing, and in turn, gives you fewer fine lines and smoother skin texture. Retinoids can be irritating the skin if the dosage is to high. So start with a low concentration and gradually build up. You don’t try to lift the 50kg to compete with The Rock. You start small with the 1kg and build your muscles up. Use our Cacay Oil +A 3 nights per week and increasing to nightly as tolerated. Vitamin A is a potent active – a little goes a very long way.



Vitamin C

When it comes to brightening up dark spots and pigmentation issues, vitamin C really brings its A-game. Considered the gold-standard of skin brightening, vitamin C (aka ascrobic acid) interferes with the development of pigmentation, so with regular application and time it can help to tame those spots from your less SPF-aware days. The good news is that vitamin C is incredibly easy to integrate into your skincare regimen. Apply a spoon full of our Defence Booster into your Glow Serum and apply it on the areas of concern. It is suitable for all stages of your skin. The only downside? Vitamin C is very volatile in a water-solution. Thus we provide it in a dry consistency so you can activate it at home.




We hate to sound like your mother. But the only way to get your healthiest, brightest, most glowing complexion is to keep damaging UV rays far away from your precious cells. You know what that means—sunscreen, sunscreen sunscreen, no matter what. Learn more about sunscreen, its ingredients and what to look out for in our sunscreen guide. 




While you’re investing in products to encourage collagen production, why not give your body a boost of the good stuff too? Between bone broth, skin vitamins, and mixable powders, collagen supplements are the hottest thing on the beauty scene right now. As for whether they work, there’s very little clinical evidence that proves their efficacy for skin, but since collagen is important to many of your body’s systems (everything from your ligaments to your eyes) including it in your diet certainly isn’t going to hurt and only to benefit your overall wellbeing.

Like other proteins, collagen that you are eating or drinking is broken down into amino acids in your gastrointestinal tract. The amino acids may potentially reach the skin and help maintain healthy skin, but amino acids from ingested proteins, including collagen, are distributed throughout the body based on need and, overall, the skin is lower on the list compared to the heart and brain.

Age may also be a factor, with older people potentially benefitting more from the skin effects of ingested collagen, since our bodies tend to become more collagen deficient as the years go on.

But eating collagen isn’t the only way to boost production in the body to maintain a bouncy complexion. Facial massage, and specifically massage of the soft tissues and connective tissue called fascia, can help. Gua sha, which has been used for decades in some holistic medicinal practices, is a great daily practice for reducing tension in the face as well as getting circulation going, but if you want to boost collagen in the face.




It may seem obvious, but when it comes to dewy, glowing skin, moisturising is essential. When your skin is dry, it looks dull, so hydrating ingredients can help bring back that glow.

For skin already prone to shine, adding moisture may seem like the last thing you need, but with ingredients like hyaluronic acid it can actually help reduce your sebum production and even out slickness into a sleek glow.

Normal and dry types can push the envelope with richer options including ceramides, which can strengthen skin’s natural barrier and help it hold onto moisture better, and oils, especially ones rich in lineoleic acid like cacay oil.




And when then finally the day comes to an end and we are getting ready to lay our head on our pillow make sure you get off all the make up or dirt from your face. And clear those pores. You don’t want sweat, dirt, make-up congest the pores and form volcanoes over night. A consistent evening routine is key to glowing skin.


Get Glowing Skin with our Everyday Essentials. And if you have any queries what you need to get glowing skin, why not take our skin quiz. 

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